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Added: 21/04/2012 - 04:47PM
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Last updated at 14:40, 16 Dec 2013 Uploaded at 16:47, 21 Apr 2012

I sort of like the vanilla spell effects, but once I released Glowtastic, some folks wanted me to glue some of these effects onto existing spells, so by request, here it is.

The actual spell effects are NOT changed, these changes are purely cosmetic. If you want changes, use Replacer Visuals for Spell Effects.

Dragonhide - 2 different visual effects, one is a skin overlay that makes it look somewhat like you've got a dragon's scales, the second is just the dragon soul absorption particle shader.

Ebonyflesh - 2 different visual effects, one is a skin overlay that makes it look like you're made of ebony, the second is just a blue mist that hangs about you.

Ironflesh, Stoneflesh, Oakflesh - the visual effect for each makes it look like you're made of iron, stone, or wood, respectively. If people request it I might make a mist effect version of each, but I'm kinda hoping to see what the general feedback is first.

Fire Cloak - actually makes it look like you're on fire with a flame skin that moves across your body. No more ring of fire like Johnny Cash. :(

Frost Cloak - Icy skin and a frosty mist coming off of you. No more personal blizzard around you.

Lightning Cloak - Bolts of lightning arc off you and electricity moves across your skin. No more force field thing around you.

Call to Arms - Your friends and companions should be more sparkly now. Note : doesn't affect vampires (*snicker*)

I made these all as entirely new and alternate versions to the normal vanilla spells, so if you don't like them, you can still cast the regular versions. The effects are the same as the vanilla spells so that if you have other mods that change those, this shouldn't mess anything up. All effect shaders are from vanilla so there's no extra files to place, just the .esp (though some animations were tweaked a little).

Basically it comes down to this : if you want (most) NPCs to have the same visuals, use this Replacer Visuals for Spell Effects. If you want to be (mostly) special and have those visuals to yourself, get Alternate Visuals for Spell Effects.

Go to the College to purchase them - Armor spells are purchasable from Tolfdir, while Faralda has the Cloak spells. Drevis has the new Call to Arms. The master-level ritual spells still require you to do the appropriate quests.

The Replacer version will conflict with any mod that alters the spells in question. Basically I just changed the visuals that those spells call, so if you have another mod that touches those spells, sorry, but you'll have to choose.

9/12/12 - Uploaded a replacer version with less crazy fire / lightning cloak effects, for those of you who were having trouble with it in 1st person. Should be in the optional files.

UNINSTALLATION : Remove the .esp, though I advise letting any current effects wear off before doing so. I try to design my mods so that installation and uninstallation are both simple and clean.