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Last updated at 6:18, 25 Mar 2015 Uploaded at 19:17, 20 Apr 2012

If you like my work, my newest ENB can be found here: z ENB (It also has a High Performance Preset) ;)

This is an extremely high performance suite based on ENB v0108(HDR), so no DoF or SSAO, but on the plus side, the FPS drop is negligible, maybe 1 or 2 frames in some areas, my decidedly mid-range laptop never loses more than 3 frames with these settings.
These settings are for the most part based on the CLENB template so all credit must go to HD6 first!

Check out the Videos!

I thank Hodilton for the Awesome Video he made!

Also now featured on Skyrim Mods Weekly!!

Another video by sushirush!

Overall the idea is to make everything look nicer while keeping things as realistic as possible with the least performance hit!

Effects tried to achieve:
  • First of all, to get rid of the haziness generally present in ENB by default.
  • Avoid over-dark shadows, since they make the entire scene dark and gloomy.
  • Keep saturation in check, over-saturation makes things unrealistic IMO, tho it looks nice in some places.
  • Nice and bright interiors, fireplaces are roaring now!
  • Making sure that people still look like people ;)

Installation: (Desktop Users)
  • Go to Boris's site and get ENB v0.108(True HDR).
  • Backup any older ENB (Skyrim root) and/or Realistic lighting (Skyrim\Data\) files that you use!
  • Extract the enb core files to your Skyrim folder.
  • Extract my config files and copy to the Skyrim folder, overwrite if prompted.
  • Make sure 'Realisticlightingpatcher.esp' is checked and that it is after 'Realisticlighting.esp' in the load order. (ONLY FOR THE REALISTIC LIGHTING VERSION)
  • Run Skyrim!
  • If you experience and problems check out the Fixes section below, if a fix doesn't exist please drop a comment bout the bug!
Installation: (Laptop Users)
  • Both Nvidia Optimus and AMD Dynamic Switichable Graphics laptops suffer from the same issue: ENB does not fire up the dedicated GPU and instead runs the game off Intel HD, leading to MASSIVE drop in framerate; use the below steps ONLY if you are suffering from this problem!!
  • Download the Optimus Fix
  • Drop the d3d9.dll it contains into your Skyrim Folder
  • Download the ENB v0.108(True HDR). files.
  • Unzip the files, go to the Wrapper Folder and RENAME the d3d9.dll it contains to "d3d9orig.dll"
  • Copy d3d9orig.dll to your Skyrim folder
  • Now download this ENB's files and unzip and copy them to the Skyrim folder.
  • Run the game!
  • NOTE: This method is untested with AMD, if a AMD user can confirm it works, do let me know!!

  • If you cant see anything underwater use Green Water Fix
  • If bright textures like snow and water (mostly 'Better Dynamic Snow' textures) are giving off a purplish glint; open enbseries.ini and lower the values of 'LenzReflectionIntensityDay' and 'LenzReflectionPowerDay' from 2.0 to around 1.0
  • First 300 ppl who downloaded plz set enablefpslimit=false in enbseries.ini! I forgot to switch tht off lol..!
  • The ENB v0.108 binary is known to cause a harmless crash on quitting the game.
  • ATI users facing weird white patches in Skyrim, disabling AA is known to fix the problem.
  • If you are experiencing white distant mountains on foggy days, disabling 'Revamped Exterior Fog' makes less apparent; the problem is Realistic Lighting related; I'm trying to fix it!

Using IMAGINATOR is the easiest way to make small tweaks.

Tweaking enbseries.ini
    1. Day/Night too bright/dark! I hate it!
  • Increasing directlightingintensityday/directlightingintensitynight or ambientlightingintensityday/ambientlightingintensitynight makes things brighter and vice-verse
  • BLOOM: Increasing amountday/ammountnight makes things brighter and vice-verse
2. Shadows too dark/light!
  • Directlightingintensity determines the darkness of the shadows, greater values make shadows darker
  • Ambientlightingintensity brightens the entire scene so it can be used to brighten/darken shadows
  • Adjusting contrast is the easiest tweak to make things look good ;)
3. Fire/lights too bright/dark!
  • Adjust 'pointlightingintensity' greater values mean brighter lights.
4. I cant see the sky!!! Its all white!!
  • Adjust 'Gradientintensity' to suit your taste, remember to check dawn and dusk too in all types of weather!
5. I hate the sunglare!
  • Adjust 'Sunintensity' and 'Suncoronaintensity' to suit your taste.
6. Everythings so shiny! I hate it! OR, I need more shiny awesomeness!
  • Adjust 'Specularamountmultiplierday/night' to suit yourtaste.
  • As a side note dont set it too high or everything will look like plastic.
7. Black bars? Ewwwwww! OR, I want to cover my screen with the black bars and play throught a slit! Makes me feel like I'm wearing a helmet!
  • Use the file included in options to remove the black bars.
  • Adjust the value of 'float2 sqvigpwr = float2( 1.2, 1.1 )' under #define HD6_VIGNETTE in enbeffect.fx (Replace 1.2,1.1 with whatever youwant), just open enbeffect.fx in notepad++
8. I wanna change more stuff!

Several excellent enb suites were my motivation and guidance;