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Adds a bunch of destruction spell tomes in several chests to the Arch-Mage's quarters in the College of Winterhold.



Because I once accidentally attempted to open Skyrim.esm with the Oblivion CS, this Skyrim mod is marked as an Oblivion Plugin File. Because of that, this Skyrim mod of mine has the prefix "Skyrim" at the beginning of the file name. DON'T USE IT FOR OBLIVION!!!!!


v1.0 - Original release (19th of april, 2012):

Added twelve destruction spell tomes in a chest to the arch-mage's quarters in the college of Winterhold. The chest is non-respawning so any lost spell tomes will usually be gone forever. You have four lightning spells, four ice spells and four fire spells, all in the wall variant, but they do different amounts of damage. The order from weak to powerful is as follows: Power spells, Judgment spells, Terror spells and Fury spells.

Spell damage (Wall variants):

-Power spells: 25
-Judgment spells: 50
-Terror spells: 75
-Fury spells: 100

*Note that with the release of v1.1 of this mod, the names for these spells are ONLY for the wall variants. Missile and rune variants have different names. The only thing that's always the same is the damage build-up. Images from the original release have been updated to represent v1.1.*


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v1.1 - Update:

The update v1.1 of this mod is finally here. It includes not only rune spell variants, but also missile variants. The original twelve spells have been renamed, but the spell ID's have remained the same, so people who had already read those original twelve spellbooks shouldn't experience any problems at all. After testing, it turned out that the in-game names of the spells were adjusted as well, even if they were activated already. Good news, right?! One last thing before I place the spell stats below, both the original chest and the two new chests are respawning. This means they're not safe to store your items in.

Spell damage (Missile variants):

-Strike: 25
-Bolt: 50
-Blast: 75
-Surge: 100

Spell damage (Rune variants):

-Trap: 25
-Rune: 50
-Mine: 75
-Bomb: 100


Future plans:

Adding a fourth chest with area-of-effect spells of the missile and rune variants. They won't have the same damage build-up. Each spell will have the same amount of damage. If this is added to the mod, it means 12 new spells.