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Hello everyone :)
This is my very old 1st character Irina, now as a follower for everyone :)
She is a Nord female, player leveled (she starts from level 15 and her maximum level is 90) 1 handed warrior and she is set to she won't die. She's also marriageable :)
She is warrior so she is wearing an Ebony Armor (not th armor you see in the screenies because i use a replacer) and a ebony 1H sword. in her inventory she have also a torch to help you in the night.

She is located in Dragonbridge at Four Shiel Tavern, look around there and you will find this sexy blonde beauty sitting at a table drinking or eating :)



put the .esp file, the textures folder and meshes folder inside your skyrim data folder
(ex: c:\\program Files (x86)\Steam\Steamapps\Common\Skyrim\Data )






Navetsea's Body & Face Textures

Seductive Lips

CBBE - Caliente Female Body

Ultimate Follower Overhaul


thanks everyone
Enjoy :)