Eragon - Zar Roc by darman96
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Eragon - Zar´Roc für Skyrim
by: darman96

Version: 1.0

This Mod adds the sword of Eragon to Skyrim.
It´s my first mod so be gracious to me. :D

- unZip the file and copy the content of the data folder to your skyrim/data directory.

- check the Eragon - Zar´Roc.esp in the skyrim launcher like any other mods.

- start the game and have fun ;)


You can craft it at any forge.
You need the Steelsmithing skill.

1 Ruby for the red version
1 Sapphire for the blue version
1 Emerald for the green version
1 Diamond for the gold version

1 Leather Strip
2 Steel Ingots


Damage: 20
Weight: 15
Value: 5000

If you want to use anything of my mod for your own work please contact me for permission.