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Added: 17/04/2012 - 12:55PM
Updated: 05/09/2013 - 09:20AM

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Last updated at 9:20, 5 Sep 2013 Uploaded at 12:55, 17 Apr 2012

This ENB mod offers great visuals along with not to much of a performance hit.

My Fantasy ENB will make Skyrim look better with the way it brings out the colours in everything turning the normal skyrim into more of a fantasy looking game with brighter more vibrant colours and brighter nights as most ENB mods make it harder to see at night. I like being able to see at night so this mod keeps it all colourful and easy to see unlike other mods which try to make it realistic (In other words this mod gives brighter nights as well as great visuals)


Version 1.5
-Fixed the REALLY ANNOYING amount of glare that the ground and almost everything outdoors gave off during the day (especially after 10am) I must have changed it without noticing and didn't realise cause I didn't test it, I only noticed when I started up Skyrim today
-Just to clarify I didn't remove the bloom/glare I just lowered it as to where I think it looks good and doesn't get in the way

Version 1.4
-This one was a quick fix
-Fixed some minor bugs
-Added back the darker dungeons which I forgot to put in 1.3 (this mod makes them way to bright and I like having a reason to use a torch)

Version 1.3
-Added a more noticable lens flare
-Changed some minor settings
-Added PERFORMANCE especialy in the "LOW" Version

Version 1.2
-Fixed the glitch that caused water foam to glow at night

Please report any bugs you find or sugest anything that would make this mod better

BOKEH Depth of Field
Lens flares
Blinding sun
Vibrant colours
Bright and Colourful Nights
Will make your game look AMAZING

Installing this mod is easy, just extract the mod files into your skyrim directory (the folder with the game launcher in it)

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