Skyrim - Chests Of Fun by King Rick
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The mod "Skyrim - Chests Of Fun" adds several chests across the world of Skyrim. These chests contain lots of items of all categories for the player to use. v1.0 started out with a chest in each main inn of the nine holds. Every future update will be a chest with new items added to a minor inn.



Because I once accidentally attempted to open Skyrim.esm with the Oblivion CS, this Skyrim mod is marked as an Oblivion Plugin File. Because of that, this Skyrim mod of mine has the prefix "Skyrim" at the beginning of the file name. DON'T USE IT FOR OBLIVION!!!!!


v1.0 - Original release:

This mod will never be available to the public because after I had published it to a select few people, I made a few changes which resulted in v1.1. Next to a chest in each hold's main inn, this version already contained a chest in the Riverwood inn and the Dragon Bridge inn.

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v1.1 - Update:

Added a chest for enchanters to the New Gnisis Cornerclub in Windhelm.


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v1.2 - Update:

Added a chest to Rorikstead's Frostfruit Inn. This chest contains four different versions of Kodlak Whitemane's armour: Light and Heavy unenchanted and light and heavy enchanted. This means you can pick what you like the most. All pieces of armour can be tempered. There are also two swords in the chest. Again, one unenchanted and one enchanted.

Added Kodlak Whitemane's brother, Karstav Whitemane, to the meadhall of the companions, Jorrvaskr. He is a companion NPC to the player.


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v1.9 - Major update:

It took quite some time, but this mod has received lots of work since the previous v1.2 release. However, I didn't upload it until now. The biggest changes include remade content from the original release on a large scale and some new chests with new items in the inns of smaller settlements, even all the way to Riften's Ragged Flagon. That particular chest contains one new weapon variant for each of the following four daedric artefacts: Dawnbreaker, Mehrunes' Razor, Volendrung and the mace of Molag Bal. I've also added a chest that is not present in any inn whatsoever. This chest contains the amulets of all gods and is placed in the Temple of the Divines in Solitude. This was intended as an extra resource for the official Hearthfire DLC, since these amulets can be a little hard to get while you might want to fully expand your personal collection of shrines in your own house. This doesn't mean that this mod now requires Hearthfire to be installed. It still runs on nothing more than the base game of Skyrim, as no content of DLC's is involved in the creation of this mod.

*Note that some items have received a new item ID and some items have been totally removed to be replaced by a completely new version. Most items, if not all, from the original mod have had their stats adjusted to be far less overpowered. I've decided to stick as much as possible to daedric quality stats for weapons and armour, so it fits in a lot better with the game. As a result of this, any original enchantments should have far less power than before as well, which should make using the enchanted versions of weapons and armour more interesting. I may decide to continue working on these issues if I feel like the enchanted equipment is still too powerful.*

***It is strongly recommended to upgrade from the previous version v1.2 to the new version v1.9.***

***IMPORTANT: Get rid of any custom weapons, armour and clothing that was already present in v1.2 BEFORE updating the mod. Failing to do so might result in saved game malfunctioning, because the v1.9 update has changed a lot of the original custom items this mod offers. Changed item ID's in particular can cause problems if any custom items of V1.2 are not fully removed from the player's inventory before updating.***


Future plans, as of 18-05-2016:

Expect an update in the near future that will allow you to not only temper the weapons and armour, but also craft them. This will be limited to unenchanted versions only. In addition to this, the blacksmiths of Riverwood, Whiterun, Solitude and Windhelm will have extra smithing supplies for sale. Due to a lack of support for ingredients, this will also include daedra hearts that you can find in a chest near these blacksmiths. They are required to smith daedric items, plus some of the customized items added by this mod. Especially for magic users, your equipment can soon be crafted too in case you'd want to work to get the stuff rather than taking it from a chest.