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Adds two dark brotherhood themed assassin outfits to the game.

In the cloth, light armor, and heavy armor versions; the armor is craftable only. The cloth version requires no smithing skill and is of course at 0 armor. The light armor version requires glass smithing and is comparable to glass armor. The heavy armor version requires ebony smithing and is comparable to ebony armor. The replacer version replaces every instance of dark brotherhood armor, and as such is found everywhere the default armor is found.

If you want to use the console to get the armors, these are the names:

Silencer's Braced Vestment
Silencer's Braced Boots
Silencer's Braced Gloves
Silencer's Vestment
Silencer's Boots
Silencer's Gloves
Silencer's Mask
Silencer's Hood
Silencer's Hooded Mask

And in the replacer version:

Braced Shrouded Armor
Braced Shrouded Boots
Braced Shrouded Gloves
Braced Shrouded Cowl
Braced Shrouded Masked Cowl
Braced Shrouded Mask
Braced Shrouded Robes
Braced Shrouded Shoes
Braced Shrouded Hand Wraps

So if you wanted to see the ID for the braced version, you would type -help "silencer's braced"- without the -- and it would show IDs for the braced vestment, boots, and gloves. Then you would type -player.additem (ID number) 1- without the --.

Argonians Read This
If you want to rock awesome raptor styled talons on your feet, either download artifex's original mod which uses the default Skyrim textures:

Or use my version which makes it use JazzJR's awesome Argonian retexture:

Or use T3alrose's version which makes it use Drachis' awesome Argonian retexture:

And be sure to download the Argonian Update file.

Thanks to GuitunScarfin for the Apotheus Light Armor mod from which the braced armor is based.
Thanks to psychosteve for his Dragonpriest Masks mod from which the mask and hood is based.
Thanks to Zonzai for his Resources mod from which the hoodless mask mesh came from.
Thanks to artifex0 for his Argonian Raptor Feet mod from which the boots mesh came from.

Stripped down versions of this mod are available on the Steam Workshop.
Light Armor: