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Cowardly horses for Skyrim
Version 3

By JPro6.


This mod makes horses cowardly so they will not get involved in fights.

(Please note, there is a console command which does the same as this mod, which you can use to make individual horses cowardly, and which works on your current horse, unlike the mod which requires you to buy a new horse. Just open the console, click your horse and type: setav confidence 0. Thanks to uxlapogi for this info.)


Copy whichever plugin(s) you are using into your Skyrim\Data folder and enable it or them in the Data Files section of the Skyrim launcher. (There is a description of what each plugin does further down).

NOTE: After installing the mod YOU MUST BUY A NEW HORSE for it to work. Or if you are using it for Frost or Shadowmere YOU MUST RESPAWN THEM.

To respawn Frost or Shadowmere, first kill them. (If you'd rather not kill them, open the console, click on them, and type "disable" and they will disappear). Then do one of the following:

To respawn Frost open the console and type

player.placeatme 97e1e

To respawn Shadowmere open the console and type

player.placeatme 9ccd7

Note: do not install the Frost plugin before you have done the quest where you get Frost. If you don't want to wait until you own Frost to install the mod for him, look under Optional Files in the downloads section for this mod. You will see a file with plugins for Frost which you can install before doing the quest where you get him.


Cowardly horses.esp -- makes normal horses cowardly.

Cowardly essential horses.esp -- makes normal horses cowardly and essential (so they can't die).

Cowardly Frost.esp -- makes Frost cowardly.

Cowardly essential Frost.esp -- makes Frost cowardly and essential (so he can't die).

Cowardly Shadowmere.esp -- makes Shadowmere cowardly.

Cowardly essential Shadowmere.esp -- makes Shadowmere cowardly and essential (so she can't die).

If you want any horses to be essential without being cowardly, use my other mod "Essential horses".


Thank you to the people who wrote the wiki pages about mod files and the people who made the following softare: Skyrim Viewer, TESSnip and FO3Edit