Asoiaf Daenerys by twinpanic and gdulal
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Added: 25/11/2011 - 09:06PM
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If you would like her as a companion I made an updated version of her here!

I've done a few characters from Game of Thrones already and really wanted to do Daenerys, but I couldn't get it to where I was happy with it on my own. Then I saw the great version gdulal did and thought it was really close, so I used his version as a base and made a few small changes.
My version uses a purple eye texture and a modified eyebrow texture, I think it adds a nice touch to her and makes her look a bit younger.

Save is level 1 right after the dragon attack.

For now I am just uploading a default eye texture I changed colors quickly, but if i get permission from xenius I will upload one of his high quality eye textures for people who are using his eye mod.

For the eyebrow I used the default texture and changed its position a little.

Note:The textures will also affect npcs that use them, so expect to see some npcs with the same eyes as you and females with eyebrows a little off. I havent seen any yet, but if it is really distracting let me know.

Thanks to gdulal for his version of daenerys, check it out here

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