Succubus By Hentai -CBBE3 Gift By Nausicaa by Nausicaa
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I can't speak english well.

It is CBBE3 edition.

I convert Hentai's Succubus Armor to UNP.
I retexture violet stocking with Popjjg's texture.
You can wear neck-band, wings(2) & stockings(4) with armor.

I apply UNP style to CBBE3.

It is basic view.

It is combination view.

It is item list.

Here is armor, glove, boots, horn, neck-band, wings(2) & stockings(4).
neck-band, wings(2) & stockings(4) are public.

It is a craftable & smithing at Daedric, DragonScale, Leather.
neck-band, wings(2) & stockings(4) are craftable at jewelry.


Hentai gets credit for Mesh & texture.
Popjjg gets credit for texture. (violet stocking)
I convert only.