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Hello Dovahkiins :D
Skyrim is a big and beautiful world, but every dragonborn gets angry when he stuck an arrow in the knee, but now there is help, The Glitch Removal Tool will get rid of it.

The glitch Removal Tool removes the effects of this bugs:
-Invisibility eye glitch
-Ice shard stuck
-Arrow stuck
-Missing head

To make this tool you will need 1 refined malachite and a forge, you find it in the Misc section. When you already have one in your inventory, it will not show up as a smithing option at the forge.
To use the glitch removal tool just open your inventory, in the misc section click on the glitch removal tool and select "Remove glitches now".

How this works:
It's very similar to the werewolf transformation, but without werewolves. The Glitch removal tool transforms your character in to an other race (invisible race) and then back. So far I tested it has no side effects, except the sheathing, but if you any find write a comment :-)

Automatic Eye Glitch Removal:
First you need to turn it on by setting up the The Glitch removal Tool. When done the automatic eye glitch should be listed in the active effects. After you used an invisibility spell/potion/power it will begin to wait until you have finished the fight, sneaking, sprinting and have sheathed your weapon/spell, and only than it will remove the eye glitch (the eye glitch can be removed when you walk or run). This means the eye glitch remove will not bother you when you doing something.
The automatic eye glitch remove works on 6 kinds of invisibilities, if you are using one on which the remove don't work, send me the name of it or write it in a comment, so I can add it to the mod.

Wish much fun and greetings from Slovakia :D
Space Wiking