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Update [15-04-12]
Most of the books have been added to leveled lists and can now be eventually found randomly, or bought from various merchants in Winterhold, Whiterun, Morthal, Markarth, Windhelm and Riften. The unique books of Mzahndahrk can't be bought nor found anywhere else.
Thank you for your support!

Update [14-04-12]
Until the issue with spell tomes is fixed I have disabled the script so the tomes are back to normal. They can't be read anymore either but hopefully the feature will be back soon. Or be back as magic training quests mod according to the possibilities...
Extended Books Mod (EBM) adds over 25 new books, including illustrated ones, found in various places of Skyrim, and readable content to 6 spell tomes. The mod also features a new Dwemer ruin accessible through a new little cave. Some of the new books can only be found in the ruin.

Rating: M
M for Mature. Some books of EBM feature a content related to mature topics such as sexuality, violence, alcohol and drug, etc. Of course this is not free violence, porn, incitations to drink and drug yourself! The topics are present as they have always been in TES books. The more graphic descriptions are intended as dark humor (especially in Red Riding Hood, it is what we French call "third degree humor" which means the text can be taken both litterally and with derision). There are no warnings to avoid spoilers. I tend to think that if you can be be disturbed by such books however, you probably shouldn't be playing Skyrim in the first place.
///W a r n i n g !///
There IS ONE PICTURE that is graphic and sexual! It's very sketchy and intended as a comical relief and illustration of despair (somehow). It's in a book found in the Dwemer ruin. I hope no one will be shocked. I warned.

1. After downloading the mod, unpack the archive and copy EBM.esp and EBM.bsa to your Skyrim's Data folder usually found in:
C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/SteamApps/common/Skyrim/Data
2. Launch Skyrim and before clicking on "Play", click on "Data Files" and tick the box beside EBM to activate the mod.
1. Make sure you didn't leave any of your items in any interior added by the mod or they will disappear when you deactivate or remove the mod.
2. Simply remove EBM.esp and EBM.bsa from your Skyrim's Data folder.

Where to find the books ingame?
You will find most of the books in the Bards College of Solitude (mainly in the library on the right after the entrance) and in the Arcaneum of the College of Winterhold. You may also find some in various inns, few houses and caves, and some Jarl's castles or houses.
Some books are more common, some are rare, some are unique...
For those who don't want to search for the books, you may also access them through the console of course, with the Help "book title" and player.additem bookID 1 commands.

EBM books listed by categories
The books can be sorted in several categories:
General lore - more casual books expanding the lore slightly
Scholarship - books with a scholar's point of view over a topic (magic most of the time)
Religious - books with a faithful's point of view over religion
Comical lore - more funny or entertaining books

General lore
- A Dish Better Served Cold
- Children of Shame
- Sakin the Smith (5-tome series)
- Summer set
- Telvanni Sweets
- The male witches (5-tome series)

- Anatomy of the Dremora
- Another Book of Daedra
- Beyond your dreams
- Interview with the Dremora
- Wild but not savage elves
- Lorkhan and the Dwemer (research log)

- The Book of Q'amsha
- Prayers to Julianos

Comical lore
- ABCs for Barbarians (all pictures created by LaggyCreations)
- Dunmer tactics of guerilla
- Giant Mudcrab
- Khajiit's fleas
- Red Riding Hood

Spell tomes
For now there are 6 of them (not readable in this version), all in the school of Destruction:
- Flames
- Sparks
- Frostbite
- Fire Rune
- Lightning Rune
- Frost Rune

Kwown bugs and issues
There are few issues I could not solve or didn't take the time to solve for this first release. But it's nothing terrible:
- "I got a new map marker without needing to discover the place." I tried to figure this out but as it was a detail I gave up for the moment. It's not like the place is hard to reach anyway.
- "If I get in the ruin of Mzahndahrk with a companion, they won't get out of it." It is probably a Navmesh issue. However, your companion will reappear next to you as soon as you Fast Travel.
- "My companion won't go in certain parts of the ruin." As there are still some Navmesh issues NPCs won't go in certain areas. You may also see your companion teleporting beside you while using elevators.
>>Basically I advise just leaving your companion outside the ruin if you don't want to feel bothered and it should go alright.

Future of EBM
EBM will keep on growing, with more books and two objectives:
Give access to the new Dwemer ruin of Mzahndahrk that will host a labyrinthic library and possible shelter for scholars.

- If I can get the authorizations of Ted Peterson and Michael Kirkbride, I would be able to add books from Morrowind and Oblivion such as the missing tomes of Waughin Jarth's epics (2920, A Dance in Fire, etc), bring back the mind-blowing Lessons of Vivec and so on.

- EBM could serve as base to other mods that would give the player short quests to fulfill to train and learn new spells (reading a spell books adds a quest, so you can learn all spell books without learning the spells, it's only when you beat the quest that you learn, it's rewarding and would bring a lot of fun as you may get in RS troubles if you fail your first spells... You could also talk with your Daedras, etc...) A lot of fun!

>>Support us and support the mod's future! Spread the information! =D

You can contact me by PM on the Nexus (MoonSweets), Bethsoft ( or by mail (see it on the contact page of TESmods.blogspot).