Unstable tower by Horinf
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Adds a dwemer tower with some external areas to the Rift's northern edge, near one of the waterfalls. The tower includes:
- main area
- upper two-level area with bed and coking pot. And views from the windows.
- Cellar to store food
- Pool
- Workshop
- Alchemy area
- Vault with mannequins and weapon plaques
- Experimental "greenhouse"
- Lift to the rocks above
- crafting stations (no smelter)
- several neutral dwemer mechanisms

Known Issues
Navmesh system sometimes works incorrectly.
Companions may not go through some doors at the tower's upper level.
Companions and horses do like to stand on the Dwemer Centurion outside the tower. Keep an eye on them!
Sometimes large objects may disappear. This is the CK bug that has not been fixed yet. Sometimes it helps to save and then to load the game.
Books on the bookshelf may have a small gap between them and the shelf. This shelf was made from zero and no template from the ingame houses were used, so ithese are the consequences, I guess.