Talon of Akatosh by Nicoroshi
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Added: 11/04/2012 - 02:52AM
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Talon of Akatosh v1.0

Reason for this mod:

This was a sword created for Oblivion that I did for ThorTheViking's thread where he posted a bunch of really nice sword pictures, and asked if any modders would be interesting in doing some of them.

I did this one, and Wyrmfang from that thread.

I really like how these models came out so wanted them in Skyrim as well. :)

What this mod Does:

This mod adds two new blades to the game. A sword with sheath, and a great sword.

Where are they???

They are located in Korvanjund Temple.

How strong are they???

They are the same strength as ebony weapons of the same type. They are unenchanted.

How do I install this mod???

I have created the file paths for you to (hopefully) make it easy.

If you're reading this I can assume you've unpacked the 7zip archive.

Find the folder (that is right next to this Readthis file) called 'Data', and either copy it or drag, and drop it into your Skyrim folder (normally located at C:Steamsteamappscommon)

Answer "Yes to All" when prompted by windows.

Start Skyrim, and go to Data. Checkmark 'Talon of Akatosh' and enjoy.

Version history:

1.0 Inital release


To ThorTheViking from Bethesda's forum for requesting this sword be made, and finding the image of it for me.


It is alright to convert this mod into other languages but the model, and texture are to remain specific to 'Talon of Akatosh'.

It is NOT alright to re-upload this mod anywhere.

Author's Note:

I am unsure what my schedule will allow in the upcoming months for modding Skyrim due to my wife's breast cancer (which we also found out today is in her bones too [no cure]).

It does keep me sane though, and help me to focus my thoughts on the battle that lies ahead for us.

My hope is these works that help me clear my head will bring enjoyment to those that play the elderscrolls games that I have been a fan of since Morrowind.