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I finally got around to creating the mod I wanted and here is the result. The legendary bow, Unbound. Forged by the God of the Hunt, Hircine in the hottest fires of Oblivion this weapon was a gift to Hircine's first mortal champion. Thought lost for countless centuries, Unbound somehow turned up in a dusty chest in the bedroom of Breezehome in Whiterun of all places.

The true wonder of this incredible Daedric artifact is that it needs no ammunition! Yes, that's correct, no ammunition. It will generate its own supply of Unbound Arrows (almost) as fast as you can fire them. The mightiest conjurers of Tamriel can learn to summon but a shadow of this bow.

- Unbound is slightly more powerful than the Daedric Bow and on par with the Bound Bow with "Mystic Binding" perk. It is slightly faster than the Bound Bow Mystic.
- The arrows are on par with Daedric/Bound Arrows.
- Unbound is enchantable and also upgradeable (with "Arcane Blacksmith" perk) at a grindstone. To upgrade it you will require 1x Daedra Heart, 1x Ectoplasm & 1x Grand Soul Gem (Filled).
- Unbound uses the Bound Bow model and its arrows likewise use the Bound Arrows model.
- Unbound Arrows will automatically appear when bow is drawn and after being fired and will disappear when the bow is sheathed or unequipped.
- Unbound Arrows cannot be unequipped, dropped, sold, picked up or retrieved.
- Normal arrows cannot be used with Unbound.
- NPCs (ie. followers) cannot use this bow.
- Firing Unbound is completely silent.

I believe this bow has the potential to be slightly more powerful than any vanilla bows (as it can be upgraded, unlike the Bound Bow with "Mystic Binding"). This is not an over-powered weapon, but it is an end-game weapon.

Known Bugs:
- Unbound has no model in the inventory as there is no resource for such that I know of available.
- The arrows have a very brief delay before re-appearing. If at first it says "No Arrow Equipped" try again and you'll have one. This isn't actually a bug, just the way it behaves.

- Open the archive attached and copy the three files "Unbound Bow.esp", "Unbound Bow.bsa" and "Unbound Bow.bsl" to your Skyrim/Data directory.
- On starting the Skyrim launcher, click "Data Files" and ensure "Unbound Bow" is ticked.
- Find it in game in the bedroom chest in Breezehome in Whiterun.

- Delete the three aforementioned files from your Skyrim/Data directory.

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