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The dragons of Skyrim are getting tougher. Seems just like yesterday when you have slain your first typical dragon. But today, they are stronger. Blood, Frost, Elder and Ancient dragons roam the skies, with their vibrant colored scales which are tougher than ever.
But your armor isn't. For it was created with the weak scales of a typical brown dragon.
But it is about to change now.
The tougher dragons will now drop higher quality scales upon their death, which you can use to create tougher and prettier dragon armor.

This mod version is a plug-in for ArcaneSmith's mod called Lorecraft, which improves the crafting system in Skyrim. Lorecraft 3.0 or higher IS REQUIRED if you want this mod to work. If you do not want to use Lorecraft version, you can use the regular one

What does this mod have to offer?
This mod contains 5 sets of new variations for dragonscale armor: Blood, Frost, Elder, Ancient and Alduin's.
Mod works with both male and female characters, and has shields.

How to install:
Extract the files from the archive into your Data folder. Check the Colored Dragonscale armor in your "data files", in the launcher. You must have Lorecraft 3.0+ installed, and this mod should be UNDER Lorecraft in the load order.

How to get scales:
It's simple. You kill a dragon, you will get a corresponding scales. For instance, Elder dragons will give you yellowish scales. You will then have to craft them at the forge/anvil in to armor.

To get Alduin's scales, you must travel to High Hrothgar and look for a button above the supplies chest. If you have completed the main quest, you will recieve what's left of the world eater. (See screenshot if you still have troubles finding it).

How to get armor tomes:
You will have to create the tomes yourself, using paper and sacrificing some dragon scales and bones for research. The "crafting station" itself is a chair in the College of Winterhold Arcanaeum. If you are having trouble finding it, look at the screenshots.

Version History:
v1.11 - *Lorecraft Version release

v1.10 - *Added a legitimate way to obtain Alduin's Scales (At High Hrothgar)
v1.10 - *Reduced weight of Alduin's Scales
v1.10 - *Added shields for all armor variants, 5 total

v1.02 - *Changed the name of the scales for better sorting
v1.02 - *Added option to smelt the new scales into the regular ones

v1.01 - *Fixed the bug which made the armor invisible

v1.00 - *Initial release

Featured on:
Fenrirr does Skyrim - Ep01:

Possible conflicts:
There is a chance that this mod will conflict with any other mod that changes dragons' attributes and behavior (like deadly dragons or more dragon loot. Dragon texture replacers are ok). If you happen to spot a conflict, please let me know via a pm.

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