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Last updated at 12:53, 10 May 2016 Uploaded at 23:58, 7 Apr 2012

2014 :: Quarterstaffs Version 4.5 out!! (Bows still 4.0)
4.0 : Quarterstaffs two-handed.
4.0 optional files : Quarterstaffs two-handed but when not attacking its one-handed.
4.52 : eight new Quarterstaffs with new textures and those are small and one-handed only.


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16+1 Bamboo Quarter-staffs Weapons.
2 Pine Tree Logs Weapons.
8 Bamboo bows.

*** Mod is now separated to Quarterstaffs & Bows which are downloaded separately, You may download and use both***

How to Install:
1.Download the latest version 4.0 files "Quarterstaff40" and "Quarterstaff40bows".
2.Extract the ZIP file and copy the mod files into the "Data" folder within the game folder.
3.Enable mod via SkyrimLauncher.exe -> data files.
4.If "data files" is not an option in SkyrimLauncher.exe add the line "bEnableFileSelection=1" after the line "[Launcher]" in "SkyrimPrefs.ini". Location : "My Documents"-> "my games"
5.Craft the item under "Wood" menu. (if you need firewood press "~" and type "player.additem 0006F993 30")
6.I Use FXAA Graphical Mod\Plugin for skyrim, If you love the live colors on the photos (and the left video) Download my config for the Plugin on the download page.

Mod editing:
*You can alter the weapon speed\damage\reach (and any other parameter) in the CK (Creation Kit) by using the plugin as the "active file" (File -> Data). Then find the weapon (the list is in: Weapons -> BambooStaff) and double-click on it. Alter values and save when you have finished.
*If you want to change the bows string color this is super easy. use photoshop\gimp with a DDS plugin, The color is selected from the left top corner of the DDS (you can actually make a square of color on the left top corner above the top line). if you use photoshop save option is interpolate alpha.

Special Thanks: epbreen, Artisanix!

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