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MALISE - A Companion by Joseph Anthony
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- v1.03: Made a .esm for the NPC data and a separate .esp to add the follower to the world. This should eliminate any remaining bugs.
- V1.02: Converted the .esp to a .esm, which should fix the brown face tint issue for anyone still
experiencing it. Edited the readme.
- V1.01: Added a mesh file that should fix the "brown face bug". It apparently still persists for
at least some users though.


NOTE: This character is also available as a save game, if you wish to use
her as your player character. Find it here:



This mod adds a female Nord companion to Dragonsreach in Whiterun.
I've also included my mod, "Joseph Anthony's Lip Gloss for Better Females".
The other mods required to obtain the results shown in the screenshots
are listed below (there aren't many).


- Better Females Version 3 by Bella

- Apachii Sky Hair v1.1

- This companion uses the DEFAULT head mesh. If you are using a custom one for all females you won't get the same results as in the screenshots.


I've created two different versions of Malise (the only changes being
aesthetic). In addition, I've made a lightweight (0 weight) and
heavyweight (100 weight) version of each. Only select ONE of the
four available options.


I designed Malise to behave largely like Lydia does. She prefers heavy
armor and a one hand weapon, and is aggressive towards enemies. The
main differences are that she can level to 80 instead of 50, and she
does not act as a Housecarl.


- Download ONE of the four available options, and move the Data
folder to your Skyrim directory.

- If you want the results shown in the screenshots and would like to
the optional mod I've included ("Joseph Anthony's Lip Gloss for Better
Females"), then go into the included 'Optional' folder and drag and
drop the 'Data' folder found within into your Skyrim directory.

- Download and install the required mods listed above.

- At the Skyrim launcher, make sure the .esm and .esp files are
activated. Make sure the .esm is above the .esp on the load order

- Start the game and head to Dragonsreach. You should find Malise
wandering around in the main lobby.


- Angelus47 for pointing me toward the .esm fix for the face tint bug.


- BellaGail for making her Better Females mod.
- Apachii for making the Apachii Sky Hair mod.


If you like my mods, perhaps you'll enjoy my other artwork -- music.
Check me out on SoundCloud at,
my band Common Man Down at,
and keep an eye out for an upcoming Skyrim mod scored completely by
yours truly.