Souvenir Heads and Useful Remains by Sasha the Creep
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Last updated at 19:37, 16 Apr 2012 Uploaded at 4:57, 7 Apr 2012

Ever kill a bandit and think "Gee that was an awesome fight! I'd really like to take something home to remember this dead dude by!"? Is your Dovahkin a deeply disturbed individual with a thirst for vengenace, a corpse hoarder, cannibal, and/or has mommy issues? Just want to freak your in-game wife out?

Read on!

-Fixed item drop and added a rare version that reduces frequency of items being dropped.

-Changed name 'Preserved Head' to 'Severed Head'
-More remains! OMNOMNOM
-Added more Cooking Pot recipes
-Added super fun Taxidermy Kit, useful for "cleaning" remains and eyeball extraction at Tanning Rack ;)
-Forgeable Jeweled Skull to show off the fruits of your murderous labor
-Rare consumable item only found on burned bodies. Yuck what is wrong with you :D ?!

-Adds the items Human Flesh, Human Heart, and Preserved Head to deceased enemy item drops
-Changes the items' names Human Heart and Human Flesh to just Heart and Flesh (for OCD reasons).
-Flesh can be cured at Tanning Racks to create leather. Now they'll be a part of you, and your armors (it puts the lotion on its skin)!
-Added a new cooking recipe that uses all three ingrediants, "Mystery Stew". Heals 200 points and restores 2 points of health per second for 720 seconds. Fun for parties!

So you see, instead of these items piling up in your inventory, you'll have multiple uses for them! Eat, wear, or collect your enemies' remains. Pile them all up in a lovely basket as part of your home decor. Play a very untasteful prank on your neighbors by serving them a bowl of "Mystery Soup" (OH THIS VENISION STEW IS DELICIOUS JAMES...hurhurhur). I don't care!

Oh, and if you like it, endorse kthx :)

Animals too? Custom made remains? Dunno. Depends on feedback. I'm open to ideas, suggestions, help even. Just keep in mind, I'm no modder. This was just a result of boredom and poking around the CK. I really don't know what the hell I'm doing.

[:Bugs & Incompatibilities:]
If you're using another mod that serves the same purpose as this one, you may experience item doubles (double hearts and flesh) and the items Hearts and Flesh will revert to their original names. The name issue can be resolved by loading this mod after the others. Mods I've experienced do this so far are:
-More Hearts and Flesh
-Black Tower and Black Sacrament Armor pack