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Just watch it :P(audio added to the videos See videos tab above for full list):

Thank you for all the endorsements and views.. I'm so happy that you people liked it! Unfortunately for this mod I entered Uni last year in addition to that I've been working too. Sorry, I had no time to migrate to new FNIS and update mod itself and also couldn't respond to your PMs, hadn't visited the site for ages. :C If I ever have time for this mod I'll let you all know! --index
First of all Install FNIS Behavior files v2.0. Else this mod won't work.

Ok now back to this mod.
Install and activate it via NMM
Place everything into %skyrimrootdirectory%Data (replace if asked) ; activate it via SkyrimLauncher.exe -> Data files


In case you have 4:3 screen format it is highly recommended that you install "Numbers instead of Titles" Else you will have problems navigating through the menus.

At the start you will receive 3 new spells:
"Shake It Animation selection" - Select your animation
"Shake It Player Trigger" - Activates selected animation on the player character
"Shake It NPC Trigger" - Activates selected animation on the non-player character

At the moment we have following animations.
Hatsune Miku Po Pi Po Dance - 1
Perfect Star Dance - 2
Megu Megu Fire Dance - 3
Matryoshka Dance - 4
Kero Destiny Dance - 5
Honey Honey Dance - 6
Suzumiya Haruhi OP Dance - 7
GEDDAN Meme Dance - 8
Elektrika Dance - 9
Cpt. Murasa Dance - 10
Cirno's Perfect Math Class Dance - 11
Belly Dance - 12
Affection - 13
Balalaika - 14
CaramelDansen - 15
Go My Way - 16
Levan Polka - 17
Nyan Nyan - 18
Parajiku Miku - 19
Watch the Ending Point - 20
MeikoNostalgic - 21
LoveCirculation - 22
NumaNuma - 23
PandaHero - 24
Shuffle - 25
WhiteLetter - 26
WorldIsMine - 27

Incompatible with:
    Joshs Skyrim Behavior File Patcher
    Animated Prostitution

Not required but recommended MODs
DIMONIZED UNP Female body replacer by dimon99
envision Face by DD AKT

  • "Hundreds" of dancing animations.
  • RAVEs.

~ RSV's, livedoor websites for tutorials,fore for scripting and Japanese people for awesome animation work and sharing it with the world.
~Bethnesda for awesome game and Nexus for the best Mod storage site ever.

Good thing that I'm russian. Because RSV's tutorials are in russian.. Lawl


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