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Added: 06/04/2012 - 02:49AM
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Last updated at 8:53, 1 Jan 2014 Uploaded at 2:49, 6 Apr 2012

Adds an abandoned caravan outside of Markarth next to the Khajiit camp.
It seems the dwemer spiders pulling the cart malfunctioned and took a wrong turn right into the river! The caravan must have been delivering goods to Markarth before the crash. Luckily there was enough left to put together a campsite.

• bedroll
• fast travel map marker
• plenty of chests!
• all containers will not respawn (safe to store your loot)
• cooking pot
• alchemy and enchanting tables
• expecting a domestic pet? how about a DWEMER CENTURIAN ACTION FIGURE

As always, backup your saves before trying a new mod. I can't promise everything is working perfectly. If there are any problems leave a comment and I will address it.

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Note: As soon as I work a few things out, I will be merging all caravans into one .esp file. Keep a look out for when that happens because I will be taking these down and moving them over to that page.