A black and simple Archmage Robe Replacer by Adrius
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Added: 25/11/2011 - 03:39AM
Updated: 25/11/2011 - 07:10PM

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Archmage Robe Replacer - something Simpler v1.0


General Information

The Archmage robes are ugly. Most people seem to agree. I certainly felt the same way. I saw some other replacers, and even used one. They're all great, but I had my own in mind. :) This replaces this Archmage robe with a black robe, similar in style to the one Farengar Secret-Fire wears. This works for both genders of every race. Remember, there are a set of boots that go with this robe, they are on top of a cabinet to the right/east of the bed in the Archmage's Quarters (simply called "boots"). For some people, the boots are not there, or they otherwise cannot find them. The console code for these is "7c92e".

Sadly, no gloves in game were made for this robe, but I have made a pair of gloves match them. They are the basic "Gloves" worn by various civilian NPCs. If you are a cheater, then add the item "261c1". If you aren't, you should be able to find a pair floating around, though I can't say where. When we get access to the CS, I may do something more extensive with this mod, and include them.

Since this is a replacer, anyone wearing those gloves will have inconspicuously black gloves. If that bothers you, there are two versions of the file available for download, one with gloves, one without.

Aside from the gloves, this will not recolor or replace anything else except for the Archmage Robes and Boots.



This WILL conflict with any other mod that seeks to do the same thing (replace the archmage robes).


Version History

1.0: I done made it.


Bugs and Feedback

Please let me know if there are any issues, but I ran a quick test with the "showracemenu" command while wearing this and went through both genders of all races, so it -should- be fine.



Copy the folders "meshes" and "textures" to your Skyrim\Data folder. Click yes it if asks you to over-write anything (this would mean you're replacing a previous replacer, so make sure you intend to).