Dwarven Mechanical Equipment by Nez
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This mod adds two shields and one blade, which is transformed(animated) when they go from being sheathed to wield the weapon

the items can be crafted after complete the "Unfathomable Depths" quest(vanilla quest), that It is given to you by an Argonian, From-Deepest-Fathoms, who can be found on the Riften Docks. they use Dwarven Centurion and Spider Parts to be created.

if you take a first look, you can try it with the console codes:

The first two numbers are the mod index in the load order in hex, you should type: help "item name" to find your first two numbers

Dwarven Spider Shield - **000D62
Dwarven Spectrum Shield - **002DB6
Dwarven Blade Right hand - **003882
DWarven Blade Left Hand - **003DF0

Dwarven Black Spider Shield - **005E60
Dwarven Black Spectrum Shield - **005E5E
Dwarven Black Blade Right hand - **005E52
DWarven Black Blade Left Hand - **005E58

if you dont want to complete the quest, just type:

player.addspell 0010EB60

this will add the Ancient Knowledge spell

-Double Draw Animation
-Blade on the left is not working for now, is only an ornament, I hope to fix soon

I posting this for this reason too, so far I've seen mods that add animated weapons(may already exist but I have not found it), so if someone wants to animate their weapons, can take a look the nif files, and copy the transformation nodes

this works well for me, hopefully for you too, and enjoy

Espacial thanks to Gopher for the nice Skyrim Mod Sanctuary Video review:


Thanks to Monggrel for the video review
also take a look this nice video review by Arsenalrobert


this by SaioTV


and this one by MMOxReview


thanks to Andre7890 for the Italian Translation:
Italian Translation

thanks to Azarian for the Czech Translation:
Czech Translation

thanks to Gin14x12 for the German Translation:
German Translation

-Now is possible enchant and enhance the items
-the left blade works with a trigger, but it has no damage(working on it)
-added dark versions

if you have problems after the should try unequip the items, draw and sheathe few times or make a clean save

Bruce142 Fix:
Version 2 of my fix (added the Black versions of Dwarven Equipment) Left position bug should be fixed in this version. For crafting the black version, you need charcoal as well (to colour the shields&blades).

I've found a tiny little bug (which was present in the 1.0 version as well) : if you equip the right blade and you sheath your right blade the left blade becomes equiped at the right arm.

If you have problems with these fix, you can comment in Bruce142's Topic, on the discussion section

here some faq to the bruce fix:
Q: The Left Dwarven Blade isn't visible when sheathed (with bruce's fix). Is this a bug?
A: No, this is a general bug present in Skyrim itself. Try it with two vanilla one-handed weapons and you will get the same result (only one weapon showing up as sheathed, the other one disappeared).

Q: When I sheath my enchanted weapon/shield, I notice I won't get the bonus (health, magicka, stamina or skill bonus) when the weapon/shield is equipped ?
A: There are two states for each weapon and shield (sheathed and unsheathed) and only the sheathed state can be enchanted (for now), now if you unsheath your weapon/blade it goes to the unsheath state (and becomes an other object), if you sheath your weapon/blade it will replaced by an original/unenchanted sheathed state object. This needs further investigation and script editing for it to be fixed.

Q: Can you install this mod with NMM?
A: In general, no (due the lack of a fomod folder and within the fomod folder the install scripts). But ScorpionGT1 has managed to install this mod with NMM. We recommend to install it manually, so you can be certain it works.

Q: The animations of the weapons/shields doesn't always work or work at all.
A: Update your Skyrim to the latest version along with SKSE and/or scriptdragon. This can be caused by a mod conflicting with the Dwarven Equipment Mod (try disable all mods except for the dwarven mechanical equipment mod and try changing the load order of your mods) or if the mod isn't properly installed (if you have installed the mod with NMM, try it manually). If you have followed the previous steps and the problem still occurs, please leave a message in the forum thread.

Q: Is there a solution for the doubledraw bug ?
A: Try ramone21's solution : "No idea if someone already posted it, but u get double drawing because it get unequipped. If u put the shield in favorite, and equip it through there when a fight starts u get no 'double draw', and u see the animation properly too."