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Hello! This is my first time acctually modding ever so I decided to start with something simple and make my way up. These are simply modified NPCs to look better and a whole lot easier on the eyes. Maybe even make them better candidates for marriage.

Also don't worry about not getting proper support, I speak and write and read perfect english. Though that is the only language I know without a translator. Feel free to make requests too, I have tons of free time so it just gives me soemthing to do. :D

So! I'm releasing a series of mods that improve the physical appearance of the NPCs that we all know and love! I have also put in the description of the files where each of the NPCs can be located.

I have added a beta of my new installment under Misc at the bottom of the files section. For anyone who wants the new tweaks without waiting for me to fix the files.

This version is just for the boys who have all been prettified by the Drow's touch. ;3

Any feedback would be great! I've released a mod for Drow's girls now too!

Mods needed to look like pictures: Any text in this color is a mod that is needed. Otherwise the NPCs will be bald with no eyes.

Better males - Faces - YoungerFacesMergedWithMenByGeonox

SEAMLESS Cleaner Male Skin

ApachiiSkyHair Needed for the update 1.7. NPCs will have no hair otherwise. You Will need the main ApachiiSkyHair file as well as the extended Males and Females files as well.

HQ Beards

HQ Eyebrows

The Eyes of Beauty Needed for the update 1.7. NPCs will have no eyes otherwise. Don't worry about the NPC replacer version of Eyes of Beauty. All you need is the normal non-replacer version so you don't get any crashes. You can still use whatever eye replacers you want, Eyes of Beauty is standalone and won't replace any vanilla textures.

Height Adjusted Races with True Giants - Height Adjusted Races with True Giants v3

Reccomended Mod for Followers: Ultimate Follower Overhaul

Boys Made (Each name is hyperlinked to give easy access to each NPC's information):
Erik the Slayer
Roggi Knot-Beard
Quintus Navale
Sorex Vinius

Things to Know!

BSA files vs. Overrides

If you place files in textures, meshes or scripts, those are overrides. At the same time, those file can be archived / 'zipped' in Bethesda's BSA. The game will look for overrides FIRST, if not found - look in <PluginName>.bsa - IF - <PluginName>.esp is enable. You can see why .BSA files are recommended over overrides.

NPC Textures, Meshes, Filenames, and Locations

Meshes and Textures are named according to NPC's FormID. AelaTheHuntress is 0001a696.

So the mesh is 0001a696.nif, the texture is:

Default NPCs meshes goes in: meshesactorscharacterfacegendatafacegeomskyrim.esm
Default NPCs textures goes in: texturesactorscharacterfacegendatafacetintskyrim.esm

New Created NPCs meshes goes in: meshesactorscharacterfacegendatafacegeom<plugin's name .esp or .esm>
New Created NPCs textures goes in: texturesactorscharacterfacegendatafacetint<plugin's name .esp or .esm>

Bug Fixes

Discolored NPC heads are caused by the Game not able to match the .esp's description of the NPC to the meshes or textures. Or some 'visual' entries in the NPC record is incorrect.

So if you use BSA files, you need to remove the older meshes and textures overrides or they won’t match. Remember that the game will look for overrides first. If you are going to transport your plugin to another machine, make sure they remove those overrides too.

If you cannot find any dds or nif files there is another possible fix.

1. Add bAllowMultipleMasterLoads=1 under [General] in SkyrimEditor.ini in your /Skyrim folder. Save.
2. Open the Creation Kit.
3. Press the open folder button in the Creation Kit.
4. Make sure to tick Skyrim.esm as a master file.
5. Find the esp of the character you wish to fix.
6. Tick it and make sure to set it as the active file.
7. If a box pops up just press Yes to All.
8. When done loading click on the Actors tab.
9. Type the character you are trying to edit’s name in the small box that says Filter.
10. Highlight the character’s name.
11. Press CTRL then F4.
12. If another box pops up press Yes to All.
13. When done close out Creation Kit. DO NOT SAVE.

This is the foolproof way of fixing the NPCs with discolored heads.

This mod is all thanks to Skyrim NPC Editor, TES5Edit and wynxombii for telling me how to upload this. ^.^ As well as MShoap13 who helped me troubleshoot the 1.7 patch. Thanks so much!

Credits also to:
Bethesda Studios for making Skyrim and letting us mod it.

Skyrim Nexus for supporting modders in the amazing ways that they do!

To Amy-Zilla of DeviantArt for providing the image above to make my page all pretty. :D The original image can be found here.