Dark Orb castle for modders by Lakword and team what will be mentioned in credits when there will be at least few quests ready
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To get to this place use door in Riverwood INN to admin room or use normal tunnel rom Riften land. Tunnel is located near Orc vilage

Banner provided by SvarogNL  ^^ I do not allow for using my recuorces for mods which are being made for profit. I support free mod community

Im working on mod which will be like expansion. New city and new army who dont care much about civil war but they plan to destroy Thalmor army and new threat in form of Demons who wanna make another Oblivion crisis. Player is invited to join Dark Orb army not long after they established their base in old ruined castle in hiden valley betwen Riften and Falkarath. The valley itself was well known for jarls but was bad place to live becouse of cold too weather for crops farming and only 1 road to travel which was great spot for bandits to ambush caravans. Leader of Dark Orb army Kuroi Orb and most of his followers are blessed with gift of being forever young but still can die in battle. Also Kuroi and his army was once living in other world similar to fallout 3 and so Kuroi knows a lot of ways to use Dwemer technology in new and he found a way to warm place up and make it the best place to live in entire Skyrim. Also later in game Dark Orb army will grow and soul gems will be used as very strong turrets agains enemy atacks from ground and Dragons from sky. Main enemy of Dark Orb will be Thalmor since Kuroi did live in Thamariel more than 200 years now he did take part in Oblivion Crissis and had even own city on small island west of Anvil. When Thalmor atack his city was first target and was destroyed becouse of suprise atack and most of troops being scater around Morrowind and Elswyr. Kuroi was forced to find a new allies since empire is worthless for him right now. Secondary enemies will be Dragons and quite big demon clan under command of demon Viper who was only demon general who survived Oblivion crissis and now plans revange on Dark Orb while ts weaken and surrounded with enemies. Anyway Kuroi can afford army and everything becouse it turns out that under the valley are very rich vines of gold and crystals. Dark Orb is small army but full of nice advanced items and skilled people

This mod will have lots of followers and missions so I need some good voice actors. Also it wouldnt hurt to have in team someone similar with programing quests and scripts since Im not pro in this category and I did spend 5 hours just to make gy sit on chair when I do and still it dosent work completly. I mostly do areas, NPC and items. I need someone who can make item in nifscope or other program so I can give few special followers special item designed only for them... Like amazing Bandanna mask or Sunglasses :) I already have amazing team of voice actors who did first voices for missions from scripts I made for them some time ago so few first quests can be made since voices, locations and NPC are already ready for them

Here are some pictures of Dark Orb HQ and some interiors
One of special forces members
Work on player home still in progres but it be near HQ castle and the tunnel which is only entrance from Riften borders to the HQ
This will be main hall in the part of the castle which is in the mountain. Still need to add some furniture thou
Picture from editor, Night version of HQ. View from main watch tower
Before entering the castle
The underground tunnel betwen Riften and HQ (It is quite long, big and very good for some battles of armies)
Dark Orb HQ main castle hall outside the mountain. Its version when player arrives first time and castle is still underwork and being cleand. I got other version of this room already functional but no picture taken yet since still underwork
Dark Orb leader in his office
Special forces armor Cliffs Main Generator day time. I wanted to make close up but I dont know code for free camera Main Generator Night time Mountains in castle instead of strange walls Like I told before I need help with those and those as well player home lab :)

Ohh and world map so far. Mostly I work on interiors but heres the general idea of my hiden city map

Please PM me if you wanna more info or join. I got own page with mod progress but only for members.

CHEK MY OTHER MODS AS WELL Evil Overlord Tower Quest Overlord Hideout (Not impresive) Dark Orb Guild (Flying city. Another modder recource. This ones like 98% ready city. Navmesh and all that. Just needs work on tiny details)