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Added: 24/11/2011 - 11:11PM
Updated: 10/12/2011 - 12:31AM

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Last updated at 9:31, 10 Dec 2011 Uploaded at 8:11, 25 Nov 2011

This is a BSA browser for Bethesda games, tested with Skyrim, Fallout 3. Should work with Oblivion and Fallout NV as well (original version was for Oblivion, never released).

This version will let you extract the files as well. Just select the files you want and choose the 'Extract' menu option (will extract to the same path as the BSA file), or 'Extract To..'

There's an option in the action menu to automatically extract the *.fuz files as LIP and XWM files.

1.7 - Option to auto split FUZE files now work, will split in LIP and XWM file.
1.6 - Now you can do BSA_Browser , and it will open the file, needed for file association.
1.5 - Ok, now it can extract files correctly, even compressed files. Is multithreaded, so now load progress shows correctly.

1.2 - Can sort by columns, removed multithreading from loader sometimes it was duplicating records in list (weird)
1.1 - Added 'Extract To..' menu option
1.0 - Original version