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New Companions addded:
Update: Some companion features/hair changes plus more perks to make them more formidable.

Ceodore: Paladin (Two-Handed/ONe-Handed/Rest) - Kynesgrove

Ursula: Monk (Fist/One-Handed/Rest) - Kynesgrove

Leonora: CombatElem (Rest/Dest) - Winterhold College

Luca: MasterSmith (One-Handed/Smithing) - Nchuand-Zel

Golbez: Lunarian (One-Handed/Two-Handed/Dest) - Temple of the Divines

Gekkou: Monk (Fist/One-Handed/Archery/Rest/Stealth) - Markath Inn

Izayoi: Kunoichi (Fist/Archery/One-Handed/Illusion/Stealth) - Markarth Inn

Tsukinowa: Monk (Fist/One-Handed/Assassin/Dual/Stealth) - Markarth Inn

Zangetsu: Monk (Fist/One-Handed/Rest/Alter) - Markarth Inn

FuSoYa: Lunarian (Dest/Rest/One-Handed/Two-Handed) - Winterhold College

Harley: Mystic (Illusion/Alter) - Bard's College

Nexus (Original): Rogue (One-Handed/Dual/Locks/Stealth)(Cid's Daughter) - Jorvasker

Brina: Doll (Rest/Alter) - Nchuand-Zel

Calca: Doll (Dest/Illusion) - Nchuand-Zel


Rydia - Now has green hair.
Cecil - Now has more appropriate white hair.
Golbez - Now with White hair. Integrated into the main file.
Rosa, Kain, Edge, Palon, Porom, Yang - All new looks that are more fitting.


Adding Zemus and the Maenads (After Years) as epic villains.


Apachiskyhair 1.5:
More Hair Colors:

NEW 1.2!!! FACE-TINT IS FIXED!! This version includes local dismissing and face-fix. For installation choose one of the esp files, either the Paladin version or the regular version, be sure to include the pathing for the textures and meshes. Copy your textures, meshes, and esp choice to your data folder.

OLD 1.1 Now when followers are dismissed they will remain in that area and will not return to their starting point. Great for those who use player homes.

Also, an aternate version that has Cecil as a paladin.

Choose one file, not both for your game. Do you want the dark knight or the paladin? You decide.

This mod adds the main characters from Final Fantasy 4.

They can be found in various taverns, as well the Bards College, Blue Palace, and the Mage College.

Tellah is fairly high level and found in a northern cavern, one might say he seeks knowledge of the Pale Lady.

Everyone is tagged as essential with the exception of Tellah, he can certainly die.

Cecil - 1 Handed Combat
Kain - 2 Handed Combat (I wish there were Spears in this game!)
Rosa - Combat Scout (This class allows for a combination of Archery and Restoration, both max out)
Rydia - Combat Conjure (This was a no brainer, Conjuration/Destruction combo)
Cid - Master Trainer Smith (This class focuses on one-handed weapons so I gave him a Mace)
Palom - Combat Destruction (Destruction magic all the way!)
Porom - Priest (Total restoration focus)
Yang - Combat Monk (I recommend some form of fist weapon mod to make him effective)
Edge - Combat Nightblade (One-handed/Destrcution spells)(Dual weild mod might be nice too)
Tellah - Combat Mage Element (Various Destruction/Restore spells)
Edward - Bard (Archery, One-handed, Illusion)

Required Mod:

ApachiiSkyhair by Apachii is a requirement, otherwise default hair will appear.

Let me know what you think, or any requests!

Recommended Mods:
UFO - Ultimate follower overhaul.

Better Males
Better Females
Body mods (Calientes)
One of the sexy armor mods out there. (Skimpy Armors)
SageOutfit and/or
Dwemor Rifle -
Fist Weapons -
Nordic Spears or Moar Combat - These are great weapon mods.
Black Swordsman Armor (Awesome for Edge) -