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Name: Busted Tusk Longhouse.

A small abode distanced from the cities of Skyrim.

Busted Tusk is a lone Orc longhouse which is located in a secluded area, allowing for ample privacy, but not so far from the paths as to be inaccessible to the wandering travelers that dot Skyrim's landscape.

Owned by an Orc once banished from his stronghold for reasons long forgotten. He decided to create a new life, far from the old ways. He settled into a quiet area and eventually built up his home and forge. After some time he had finished his home, naming it 'Busted Tusk' in memory of the injury he gained during it's construction.

Home is companion friendly.

Note: Mannequins are set as male by default - if looking for female mannequins then perhaps one of the various mods on the site would help with that endeavor.

Such as:

1. All Body Mods compatible Female mannequin by Koryushin

2. Female Mannequins by Thepal


Home has it's own map marker - status - always activated.

Look for it in the region of Ancient's Ascent on the world map. You should see the map marker.


~ Sleeping area
~ Storage (various)
~ Cooking, Alchemy, Enchanting areas
~ Forge, Grind wheel, Workbench and tanning areas (outside, can't miss it)
~ Armour mannequins and weapon racks
~ Companion area - located in the Cellar (one person only)
~ Recipe for 'Busted Tusk' ale + a few bottles
~ Archery target and combat dummy outside

There is a journal belonging to previous owner just outside the main door as well, gives some background to the owner and the building.

Other changes:

The random encounter NPC 'Old Orc' has been altered slightly (hopefully not to much) - I just added a few small items to his inventory, just to tie the character and the house together in a vague manner.


1. Copy the .esp file to (install folder)\Skyrim\Data\
2. Start Skyrim Launcher, click 'Data Files', place a checkmark beside the .esp file. Play game.

NMM users: Load NMM launcher, place a checkmark beside the .esp file. Play game.


1. Start Skyrim Launcher, click Data Files, uncheck the .esp file.
2. Delete the .esp file from \Skyrim\Data\

NMM users:

1. Start NMM Launcher, uncheck the .esp file.
2.Delete the .esp file from \Skyrim\Data\

Known Issues or Bugs

Nothing at the moment, if anyone using this mod discovers something that they believe is a mod error or conflict, I'd appreciate any feedback on the issue.


Version - 1.24

Moved partition on bed area to allow access to area behind
Altered Mannequin setup slightly
Fixed bookshelf issue

Added some exerior lighting, nothing much. Also positioned a campfire outside as well, not used for cooking, purely cosmetic.

Added some 'lighting' to the exterior window vents on the longhouse, just something I'm trying out - let me know if it looks alright, I'm wondering how it's going to appear on other people's setups.


You can find me on Nexus as 'The Vampire Dante'

Note: This mod is not available on Steam Workshop - if found there please report it to me.