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VERSION 1.5 VIDEO - Tarquan




This mod adds player a new spell and new power. These are called Master The Time And Space, and Power Of Time And Space.

Master the arcane arts of Space-Time Continuum and be effectice with time. Be the master of time!

This spell is used to slow time. The player can, for example ,dodge incoming arrows and spells. Player can also grab things which are falling on the ground or flying around in the air. Player can drop items from the invertory and run to the other side of the room and then come back to catch them, before the items reach the floor.

This spell is very useful in combat situations. Especially when shooting with bow. You can shoot many arrows before the first arrow even reaches the target.


-Version 1.0-

-First release. Brings player the spell.

-Versions 1.1, 1.11 and 1.2-

-Brings player the power versions of the spell.

Powers are turned on pushing the power(Z) key, when the power is selected. Durations are 10 seconds, 15 seconds and 25 seconds. There are no limitations, that how many times the player can use the power per day.

-Version 1.3-

-Brings player the much wanted toggle version of the spell. This is completely new ESP file, so if you want also the power version, you have to download version 1.2 and this.

-Version 1.4-

-Brings player the toggle-power and toggle-spell.

-Version 1.5-

-Adds a new character to the game, who will sell these books. Tarquan The Master Of Time. He usually hangs out in Whiterun's Dragonsreach doing his own stuff. Go talk to him and buy the spells. Tarquan will sell stuff between 8am and 8pm.


-Throat Of The World - WordWall

-Whiterun - Dragonsreach - Farengar's table.

-Toggle versions are located in High Hrothgar. When you walk into High Hrothgar there will be an Altar with usually Arngeir praying at it, front right. Books are on the Altar, two books. Videos will show the specific location.


This spell/power is about 7 times stronger than Shout - Slow time, and has also better looking "slow" effects.

-I recommend to use this spell in first person mode-

-I M P O R T A N T-
*Only if you have version older than 1.3*

Things that will help you avoid a rare "perma" slow issue. Follow these instructions and you will never have any problems with this mod.

-Don't push the activation(Z) button many times in row, when the power is activated/on.

-Wait that the the power has fully ended, before launching it again. Best way to avoid any
problems is to wait 1-2 seconds after the power has ended before launching the it again.

-Apply the latest patch of Skyrim-

After the Skyrim update 1.6, the power version sometimes won't resume the time. If that happens, simply use the spell version to resume the time.

This mod is also uploaded on Steam Workshop-



If you want to know what I'm currently working with, check my blog. Resource for the latest info of my mods, future plans, new mods and much more.

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