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Last updated at 16:53, 31 Jul 2014 Uploaded at 2:33, 26 Mar 2012

********************************************************** Description *********************************************************

This mod allows to change meshes and textures only for player (races, vampire races, werewolf and vampire lord) in your "unique" folders without to change the meshes and textures to NPCs.

Compatible with all body models.

Differences between Unique Character and Unique Player Races:
-The main difference is in the capacity of body models, UC supports 4 body models, 2 for gender (one for all races male/female and other for all vampire races male/female), while that UPR supports 40 body models, 20 for gender (one for each race male/female and other one for each vampire race male/female).
- Some other differences are in UPR Changelog and another not, ie as of today UC needs an update.

------Requirements: Skyrim version

This mod can be incompatible with other races mods.

--Main files:
++++++++++++++++++++ Unique Player Races V 1_0 ++++++++++++++++++++++++ 16:39, 14 July 2014
General information and changelog:
This file allows complete customization of vanilla races, the respective vampire races, werewolf and vampire Lord only for player.

The goal of this file is to provide a folders structure as support to modders taking advantage of the fully compatibility of this mod, and that the users can customize the player to their liking.

- This version includes vanilla meshes, not nude version.
- It avoids to extract from Skyrim BSA files, it's including all necessary vanilla files to customize the player.
- 1st person fully customizable for all races.
- New anti CTDs system for werewolf.
- BACKUP files for special cases.
- All specular map for heads redirected in .nif
- Dawnguard

+++++++++++++++++Unique Character V 1_1 Complete+++++++++upload 8:12, 10 November 2013
This file includes the Standard version and all optional files.
Meshes and textures for:
-player and vampire player of all vanilla races (heads included), werewolf and vampire lord player.
- Dawnguard

--Optional files:

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++Compatibility ECE+++++++++++++upload 1:18, 22 July 2014
For the main files: Unique Player Races, Unique Character Complete.
For the Unique Character Cumulative version (optional files) with all files installed.

++++++++++++++++++Unique Character V 1_1 Standard++++++++upload 1:31, 15 December 2013
-Changelog V.1.1 - V.1.08-
-The result in both versions (main+optional files) is the same, just V.1.1 has structure of files easier to install.
-Compatibility with physics body models included.
-Vampire Lord included as optional file.
-Unique.esm cancelled for having more incompatibilities with other mods.
-Meshes and textures (body, feet, hands and tail) for player and vampire player of vanilla races.
-Vampire Lord optional file for vampire players (Dawnguard required).
-About this version-
The goal of this version is to provide a cumulative version according to:
- Your needs of meshes and textures (vampire lord and heads are optionals).
- The compatibility with your other mods installed.

+++++++++++++++++Unique Character V 1_1 Light+++++++++++++upload 2:03, 14 December 2013
Is the same file that "Unique Character V 1_1 Standard" but without meshes or textures included.

++++++++++++++++++++Cumulative heads V 1_1++++++++++++++upload 2:08, 14 December 2013
-Head meshes and textures for player and vampire player (male/female) of every vanilla races, excluding vampire heads (male/female) for argonian and khajiit races.
Skyrim V
Unique Character V 1.1 (Main+Optional-Vampire Lord)

+++++++++++++++++++++Werewolf and Vampire Lord++++++++++upload 2:19, 14 December 2013
-Meshes and textures for werewolf and vampire lord, these meshes have texture paths in "unique" folders.

--- Special cases with NifSkope: head meshes, werewolf, and vampire lord. ---

-Head meshes-
The .esp creates all meshes and textures paths for the heads, but to work the specular map (* in "unique" folders is required to redirect in mesh (*.nif).
* it’s the file name.

Skyrim by default has a werewolf mesh for male and female (malebodywerewolf_1.nif), logically using the same textures for both gender (for sample
I created a new posibility (femalebodywerewolf_1.nif), to customize male and female werewolf separately, this new mesh using texture names created by me (for sample
My mesh allows to customize head and body for werewolf player, for eyes and mouth using vanilla paths.

-Vampire lord-
Dawnguard by default has both meshes (vampirelord.nif and vampirelordfemale.nif) using different textures for both gender (for sample and
My mesh allows to customize body for vampire lord player, for eyes using vanilla paths.
vampirelord.nif and vampirelordfemale.nif contain a double mesh (body and eyes), in the vanilla meshes you can only to customize the body, so if you also want to customize the eyes you need a *fully customizable mesh.
*This Vampire Lord replacer (main file) has these features.

Additional information to modders and users about werewolf and vampire lord:

To users:
The case of werewolf and vampire lord are special, because the textures paths are embebbed in the mesh, so no file .esp or .esm are involved. So if you use a non vanilla mesh take in account that mesh will redirect to its own textures path.

To modders:
Obviously the decision is yours, you can direct in your mesh the texture paths to your custom path or to "unique" folders.

To modders with texture paths in "unique" folders:
The textures folder structure for werewolf and vampire lord into male and female folders is fully flexible, you can modify this folders structure according to your needs.
My advice to facilitate installation to users is stating in your mod about the needs of your new mesh, for example: if your mesh is using new texture folders structure, if using new textures, if there are new rename textures or unnecessary textures for your mesh in "unique" folders and can be deleted, etc.

I recommend respecting the male and female folders and stay within them with all body parts, so for users will be easier to install or uninstall the textures.

This is a Nexus mod, it's not allowed to upload this mod to other site.
If you want special permission contact me by PM.

---------------------Special thanks---------------------------
To Bethesda for their games and tools.
To Caliente for CBBE, a great modder and a great person.