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Last updated at 23:44, 26 Mar 2012 Uploaded at 21:39, 25 Mar 2012

In this mod you can cook stews, soups and baked food only with perks.

Cooked/baked foods restore now 3x more healt/stamina/magicka. To cook them, you must open right perks. You need few more ingredients to make food in this mod ('cause it is more realistic)
Perks are under Alchemy tree, but you don't need skill levels to open these perks. Cooking increase alchemy now

Professional: you can make Stews and Soups
Flour Thumb: you can bake Pies and Sweet Rolls
Khajiits Touch: you can make Refined Moon Sugar, and use it to make Skooma. Can make Elsweyr Foundaine too

To make 1xSkooma, you need 2xMoon Sugar, then use cooking pot to make 1xrefined Moon Sugar, and use cooking pot again to 1x Skooma. Skooma is near Morrowind's Skooma

Fortity speed 20 for 60 secs
Fortity unarmed damage 20 for 60 secs
Drain Magicka 20 for 60 secs
Drain Stamina 20 for 60 secs

You can use grainmill to get flour from wheat, and make Bonemeals from human/troll skulls. You can make powdered mammoth tusk too. Grainmills are in game allready, I just made them to be crafting station. Only problem is, that when grinding animation stop, you will exit from crafting menu automatic. So, you have maybe 20-15 secs time for grinding

Optional file:
This is request optional choice: it is just like Main file, but food is 4x stronger

I changed Moms Recipe (too funny name) name to Professional

I removed bugging 10-15 secs healing. Now foods restore your stats instantly, like in vanilla game

I changed name for soup/stews perk again. Now it is Pot Keeper ('cause these foods are made in pot). I changed chicken's egg respawning too, ' cause this mod uses eggs, and it is unrealistic, if chickens don't made news. Summer/Spring value is 200, fall and winter it is 100.
Just put datafile into Skyrim Datafolder/remove from Datafolder

Send comment/message if there is something what you want to say. Happy cooking :D