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Before Asking Questions In The Comments Section Please Read The Question/ Troubleshooting Section In The Description!

Thankyou To Everyone Who Has Voted For The Asteria To Be File Of The Month!! I Really Appreciate It!

**Im Am Currently Working On Getting The Ship To Be Able To 'Port' In Differnet Cities!**

Also Please Comment And Let Me Know What You Think, All Feedback And Suggestions Are Greatly Appreciated!

Also Avalaible On The Steam:


The Asteria Is A Magnificent Dwemer Airship That Is A Very Unique Player Home And It Is Simply Waiting For You To Come And Claim It! The Airship Is Located To The West Of Riverwood And It Contains Everthing You Need:

- A Forge
- A Workbench
- A Grindstone
- A Chopping Block
- An Alchemy Table
- An Enchanting Table
- Mannequins
- Weapon Plaques
- Weapon Racks
- A Smelter
- A Tanning Rack

Aswell As A Bed, A Heap Chests And Containers For Safe Storage And Plenty Of Activatable Bookshelves!

Also, although it may not seem it but the airship is 100% LORE FRIENDLY!! Hopefully people who have played Bloodmoon will see how ;) I left a book briefly describing the backstory next to the bed!


Q. The Boat Is Invisible And I Cant Get To The Door! Help?
A. This May Happen The First Time You Travel To The Boat, To Fix It Just Save And Reload And The Boat Should Appear!

Q. Can I Safely Store My Stuff In The Chests Without Having To Worry About Losing It?
A. Yes. Every Single Container On The Boat Is Completely Safe, That Includes : Chests, Sacks Barrels And Crates.

Q. The Door On The Upper Deck Wont Work Correctly, Whats Going On?
A. Im Not Sure Why This Is Happening. Me And Other Modders Have Tried To Fix It But To No Avail, There Isnt Any Reason Why It Should Work.

Q. The Mannequins Are Scaring Me!
A. Yeh Those Bloody Mannequins Never Did Stay Still, Unfortunatly Theres Not Much I Can Do To Fix It, However This Mod Should Help!

Q. Can My Spouse Live With Me?
A. I Havent Scripted For A Spouse To Be Able To Move In. However, With This Mod You Will Be Able To Have Your Spouse Live With You.

Q. My Followers Wont Use The Teleport Statues To And From The Asteria?
A. Again Im Not Sure What Is Causing This, And Am Looking Into It! But If You Enter The Interior Your Follower Should Teleport Inside With You!

Q. What Plans/Updates Do You Have?
A. At The Moment? Nothing. But Thats Not To Say I Wont Think Of Something In The Future! Also If You Think Of Something That Would Be Cool, Let Me Know!

To Install Just Drag And Drop Into You DATA Folder, Make Sure 'The Asteria - Dwemer Airship' Is Checked Under 'Data Files" and Enjoy!!

To Uninstall, Simple Delete 'The Asteria - Dwemer Airship' From Your DATA Folder, Be Sure To Remove Any Valubles From The Home First Otherwise You Will Lose Everything!


- V 1.0 Initial Release
- V 1.0.1
- Fixed Broken Door On Upper Deck
- V 1.1
- Added Navmesh
- Fixed Mannequin (works this time)
- Removed Broken Weapon Plaques From Bedroom

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A Big Thanks To MsChif For Going Through And Finding All The Minor Things That Needed To Be Fixed!