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Added: 24/03/2012 - 06:47PM
Updated: 25/02/2013 - 07:23PM

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My Attempt to create a Temple in Riverwood using various already existing models
from the game, located just behind the Sleeping Giant Inn in
Riverwood. From the outside looking like hall Of The dead in Solitude while the interior
was brought together from The Blue Palace, Sovngarde, College of Winterhold
and the Temple Of Kynareth in Whiterun.

Inside the temple u'll find:

Alchemy Tabletop & Enchanting TT. on the same table with satchels for the Ingredients as well knapsacks for gems
All u need for Smithing
Mannequins Female
Display Cases
Player owned Chests
Shrines for all Divines
Kitchen ( and alchemy lab are in the same room)

Navmeshed Interior as well as Exterior in Tamriel; also tested it.

I won't be updating this Plugin anymore.
(Exception: Request)


31 March 2012 --> UPDATE: 0.9.4
-Optimized Light FX
-Added few things to make the place more beautiful and easier to use.

29 March 2012 ----> UPDATE: 0.9.3
-Fixed Manneqins ( Only the mannequins in the temple are now female with normal faces)
-Added some butterflies
-Items /Gems
-Fixed sound FX
-One more container

28 March 2012 --->ABOUT THE NEW VERSION:

Due to numerous bugs i decided to rebuild everything again Using
almost the same elements with few changes. reduced lowered the roof
added more windows, Created new bookshelves books of any type, Set
the Mannequins gender to Female ( haven*t Exported facegendata for
them because of space 8 MB.. faces will apear Gray), added one
more container, few other changes.
see screenshots for more info

-Copy: Astral.esp , Meshes and Textures Folders into your Skyrim Data Folder or overwrite them
if u are using one of the previous Versions.

-None so far.
-Tested the navmesh, Mannequins, Dispays, Containers, Bookshelves, followers.
I was also testing the Door for about ten minutes just entering and leavig,
fasttraveling entering and leaving = everything works well, no crashes or bugs).

-I give a Big thanks to Jack0Knife, Mithoron, Entropiachrome, Algarvian2001, as well as to everyone for using, testing and reporting about things that need to be fixed.
And of course ZeniMax Media and Nexus that made this possible in the first place :P