Killmove Control by MrDomino
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Added: 22/03/2012 - 09:05AM
Updated: 21/10/2012 - 06:20AM

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Last updated at 6:20, 21 Oct 2012 Uploaded at 9:05, 22 Mar 2012

This mod adds a book to your inventory, simply open it to choose whether to enable or disable killmoves, as well as the frequency of their occurrence in percent.

If for some reason the book is not added to your inventory automatically, or it is somehow lost, it can be found in a display case outside the riverwood trader, or added via the console. The object ID is xx000D62, where xx is equal to the position in your mod load order in hexadecimal. (ex: if this mod were to load 3rd it would be 03000D62. If it were to load 16th, it would be 0F000D62) The hex load order number can be found easily by using the Nexus Mod Manager, it's listed in a column next to the mod.

In addition, the mod removes the last enemy requirement for killmoves, so killmoves are possible with multiple combatants still present.

The scope of this mod is that of killmove frequency and the enabling or disabling of killmoves. Functionality beyond that, such as forcing 1st person or 3rd person, removing/adding specific killmoves, or anything else along those lines is beyond this mod, and will most likely not be added.

Update 2.1: no notes.
Update 2.0: finally got this update out! The solution to the problem that was holding up this update was a real 'can't see the forest for the trees' situation, and in hindsight it's such a silly thing that I'm more than just a little bit embarrassed. But an update is an update, it's good to have it out. I've had reports of camera issues when getting hit with unrelenting force during a killmove, but that is not addressed this patch (I am working on it, however).

Update 1.1: no notes.

From what I can see, at the moment the only way to manipulate the frequency of ranged killcams is via INI tweaks. Papyrus and the CK don't seem to support INI tweaking on the fly, so in-game ranged killcam tweaking is shelved for now. Should it be changed in the future, it will most likely be added to the in-game menu.

In the meantime, to change the ranged and magic killcam settings for now, add the following to your skyrim.ini (located in your "my documents/my games/skyrim" folder).


The values can be tweaked to your liking. The percent sneak/global values control the frequency of ranged killcams, the allownokill controls whether the killcam plays even if the arrow/spell won't kill the enemy (0 = disabled, 1 = enabled), and multiple combatants controls whether the killcam will play if there are multiple enemies (0 = last enemy only, 1 = multiple enemies alive).

This mod will most likely conflict with any other mods that make changes to killmoves. Specifically, any other mod that changes killmove animation triggers (paths should be okay, I'm not sure) and the killmove/killmoverandom/decapitationchance globals. They may be able to be made compatible with wrye bash, but this is untested.

v2.1: compatibility update for patch 1.6.89.
v2.0: added option in the menu to set decapitation chance as well as killmove chance. Bugfixes that hopefully (finally) eradicated the invincible backstab bug. Added the settings book to a display case outside the riverwood trader for those who it wasn't added to their inventory automatically.
v1.1: changed some settings with backstabs to bring them more in line with the rest of the mod, and to prevent the invincible enemy bug for backstab instances.
v1: Release