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Argonians Recolored

[[[@To All
If the heads are still at the regular colour, that depends what skin mod you are using for the argonians!]]]

Many thanks to foretrenty who made Skyrim NPC Editor, this awesome retexturing program. ^^
Can find foretrenty's Skyrim NPC Editor here:
Many thanks to Expired/expired6978 who gave me permission to use his Extended Slider Colors for skin color and hair color on my mod. ^^

Required Mod:
Extended Slider Colors -


Change color skins on some Argonians, there are some more recolored argonians than the image have,
but also i left some argonians as they are created.
Now Skyrim has different colored argonians like in Oblivion.
Argonians which are recolored, Deeja, Jaree-Ra, Madesi, Neetrenaza, Shahvee, Talen-Jei, Veezara and Wujeeta.
I don't know if anyone of those is follower, but i choosed randomly the npcs.

Extract the file and copy the folder "Data" to Program FilesSteamSteamAppscommonskyrim

1) Users are not allowed to upload my files to other sites!
2) Users are not allowed to convert my file so that it works on similar games!
3) Users are not allowed to modify my file including releasing bug fixes or improving on the features my file adds to the game and upload it as a seperate file!
4) Users are not allowed to use assets contained in my files in their own files!
5) Translations are allowed, no need to ask me. 

Npcs made by haldir307.
All credits goes to the author from the required mod Expired, but you can endorse my mod. ;)