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The Cascade House
v1.2.1 by Jadak

English - en fran├žais


A cozy player house located just south of Robber's Cove on the road
between Rorikstead and Dragon Bridge. Nothing fancy, not a spawling
fortress with 8,000 rooms to get lost in, just a small house on the
river with a nice view and some salvaged dwemer machinery to power
the lights. You can pick the master level lock to get in, or purchase the
key from Mralki, the innkeeper of the Frostfruit Inn in Rorikstead for 8000 gold.

- all crafting stations
- a basement display area for all your hard-won loot
- a porch with a nice view of the falls
- a small stable for your horse
- Handy Auto-Storage containers linked to crafting stations

New in v1.2:
I've added Manilla Turtle's Automatic Item Storage scripts to various
containers around the house and exterior. All crafting stations are now
linked to nearby associated containers and will use ingredients from
them when crafting items. The linked containers are as follows:
Alchemy Lab: Nordic Urn on the left side of table
Enchanting Table: Strongbox on the right side of table
Cookpot: Small metal pot to the left on the hearthstones
Tanning Rack: Nearby Barrel
Smelter: Barrel near the pile of coal
Forge/Grindstone/Workbench: Barrel next to the forge


Recommended Mods:


Future Plans:

This version should have everything working, but I plan to continue
making updates and improvements as I get feedback and suggestions,
so be sure to leave a comment on the Nexus with any issues/suggestions
/other constructive criticism. Also, don't forget to endorse the mod
if you liked it. :-)



Just extract to \skyrim\data and activate cascade_house.esp


Known Issues:

There have been some issues since the 1.5 patch with CTD's when passing
between the inside and the outside of the house. They seem to be resolved
at the moment, but if you experience such CTD's, please
leave a comment on the nexus to help me troubleshoot.

Fixed in Skyrim 1.5.26. Go here for instructions on how to get the beta or wait
till the next patch goes live.

There are a few screwy navmesh issues over near the docks and underneath
the walkways which can cause followers to wander about for a bit as if
they're lost, but they eventually catch up again.


Version History:

-Fixed Navmesh Issue near the stables
-Added Manilla Turtle's Auto Storage scrips to various containers
-All craft stations now pull ingredients from an associated container
-Significantly reworked lighting, both interior and exterior
-Scripted exterior lights to turn on at night and dim during the day
-Added a shrine near the front door for curing diseases
-Various small fixes
-Small adjustments to clutter and lighting throughout.
-Closed gap in geometry between wall an roof in living area.
-Locked doors with a master lock, added a key to hook by front door.
-Added dialog to Innkeeper in Rorikstead to allow players to buy house.
-Cleaned some unneeded records from .esp
-Adjusted and refinalized all navmeshes to prevent CTD's
-Replaced the sovengard benches with stone chairs
-Added a storage chest outside next to the front door
-Minor clutter tweaks
-Added a chair to the docks for Gothock
-Added an anvil next to the tanning rack for jdsnics
-Reworked interior lighting to reduce shadows and increase framerate
-Propped the weapon rack on the table up at an angle for better visibility
-Added a few more weapon plaques, because jojzityjo asked
-A few minor clutter tweaks
-Flagged exterior house reference 'Full LOD' to prevent it disappearing
-Added a few storage barrels to the smith area, suggested by Kjedorion
-Moved some elk spawns down the road away from the smith area.
-Cleaned up the .esp a little to reduce conflicts.
First release version.


Bethesda for Skyrim
The Nexus for awesome mod hosting service
Manilla Turtle for his Auto Storage Scripts
fg109 for the script to toggle the exterior lights off during the day
Nitmara for the french translation


Please do not use in other mods or redistribute this mod without permission
from the author. Please do not post on any site other than the Nexus.