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Jenassa Half-elf Companion

4/8/12 Shereen Goldleaf UNP and CBBE are uploaded: Jenassa Half-elf Replacer

CBBEV3 Versions are up!

*****Version 2 added for those having a difficult time using the original with bsa type file.*****
She has different color eyes and darker red lips and can (hopefully) use dual flurry again. Zip includes esp., mesh and texture files.

Product of a Nord father and Dark-elf mother (mothers genes were dominant obviously) Human voice, lips and general facial features. Elven eyeballs, brow and ears and a cross skin tone of Human/Dark-elf. She is a Combat Ranger; prefers bow, shield and sword. Can be found at the Drunken Huntsman for hire and with console commands is marriageable. I also tried to keep her balanced and not a combat powerhouse. I feel that with all the multi-companion mods having all of your followers as bosses makes things a little too easy no matter the setting.

Note: Her voice does not support all of Jenassa's dialog but I wanted a human voice because she is bi-racial.

Inventory: No clothes! I will leave that to your imagination.
Elven Dagger 1
Elven Sword 1
Elven Bow 1
Elven Arrows 150

Age: Unknown (mid-years)
Voice: Female Human Sultry
Body: *dimon99's UNP Dimonized Body Nude with *Navetsea's Skin, Muscle and Thin Landing Strip, *Glosstech No Shine.
Hair: Vanilla Dark Elf Hair (made it a little darker and taller)
Thin and tall, Weight 45 (approximately 160 lbs) and Height 1.02 (6.5 to 7 feet tall) These attributes are based on a description of H. R. Tolkien's Half-elf I found.
Face: *Bella Female Faces: Full with No Shine
Eyes: *Natural Eyes by nevenbridge and *RANs Eyeliner Replacer by RAN46

See Images for stats, spells, perks and general character info please.

If there is an (*) Asterisk by the named items above you will "need" these files to make her look similar to this version of Jenassa.

Please remember to make sure you set her weight and height via console so that she appears properly. I. E. Click on her then type in console, setnpcweight 45 and setscale 1.02

*One Important Note* To get the hands to match in Navetsea's mod you need to copy the meshes from the Dimonized UNP MAIN folder to your Data Meshes Folder then overwrite with Navetsea's file. If you think this is a pain in the ass, just use the Dimon mod without Navetsea's mod. If you want a better looking body, female nether region and like your ladies fit, Navetsea has an excellent mod and is recommended!

*If you are having an issue getting her to look right try this below.*

"For those who already have a modded Jenassa in their game. Load this mod, then go to Jenassa in game and use the console to "setnpcweight 45" on her, get out of the console, create a new save, exit the game entirely, then load the new save when you start the game again."

My take on Makeup on Female and Male NPC's not being "Lore Friendly"

There are a lot of people playing this game that think the use of make-up is not lore friendly and so they are hesitant about using character mods like mine that use makeup or beautification mods. I would ask you to consider these following historical tidbits in relation to being lore friendly. Makeup is documented to have been used by the Ancient Egyptians over 10,000 years ago by paleontologists. Makeup was also documented to be in use by the Greeks, Romans and other ancient societies, including tribal body and face painting by Ancient Briton and Germanic tribes. To me it is completely plausible for makeup to be used in Skyrim given Bethesda supplied it and used it in the game on its own NPC's. Inescapably Skyrim's lore is tied to our history in some way shape or form, the latest "trend" of having NPC's look more natural is more likely a current trend in modern use of makeup and not a direct reflection on the lore of this game or any game that that bases its lore partially on human medieval and ancient history. It is inarguable that Skyrim spans the times from early man to the late 16th century with the various in-game elements it provides us. Note the use of mammoths and saber tooth cats and then fast forward to some of the more modern items in the game such as steel bear traps (which were recorded to be first in use in the late 16th century). It is perfectly fine and period to this game to have your characters kicking ass in black eyeliner, eye shadow and red lipstick. Don't let someone tell you it isn't lore friendly because it really is. Given the choices of races we have in Skyrim it may not only be lore friendly but very plausible on some characters depending on their status and rank within their society. In the end it is completely your choice on how you want your NPC's and PC's to look. I personally am not interested in having androgyny rule my game so I opted to creating and sharing my own female characters that cannot be mistaken for anything else.

Thanks for reading,