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Added: 19/03/2012 - 09:18PM
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Last updated at 23:42, 20 Mar 2012 Uploaded at 21:18, 19 Mar 2012

- Removed speech temporarily... also considering removing archery as I'm currently updating it.
- New version of speech esp.
- Considering trying out the Uncapper, finally. Though, I have a hard time seeing any reason to have skills go beyond 100. I use a leveling speed reducer (by 50%) and part of the reason why I'm doing this is because I felt there were too many perk points and not enough perks in any given skill. My characters continually became generalized.

This current version has only expanded the Archery and Speech skill trees. I plan to release each skill tree as a separate esp file for modularity.
The next skill tree I'm working to expand is one-handed.

Each skill tree now has a new perk associated with that skill referred to as a "Major Skill" choice. Each of these perks increases the speed in which you gain levels in said skill by 35% while lowering all other skill rates by 4%. These effects are cumulative; or if you prefer, "Stacking." What this means is that if you choose two major perks, you get a 31% increase instead of the 35%, and all other skills will level 8% slower. In addition, the best perks in each skill tree require their related "Major Skill" perk in addition to their vanilla requirements.

I have uploaded an optional skill specialization file, this will only be around until I complete expanding all 18 perks. It's so that all the skills have their associated major skill perk.

On top of being able to choose your major skill, you can also become a veteran, which has no bonus other than unlocking epic perks in the skill trees. Your character can only ever have one epic perk.

I have added an additional 20 new perks and ranks, bringing the total number of points to complete the archery tree to 36.
I have also moved some of the vanilla perks around to offer two distinctive skill trees, one intended as a sniper and the other as a combat archer. In many cases I modified the vanilla perks to require a lower/higher skill and benefit in line with additional ranks or all around balance.

The new perks I have added are:
Combat Archery (3 ranks): Gives bonus damage if target is within a close distance.
Knowledge of the Land: Grants a 10% movement speed bonus if outdoors.
Seasoned Huntsman: Grants a damage bonus against animals. OooOo, scary.
Stalker: Grants a damage bonus against creatures if sneaking.
Trick Shot (2 ranks): Chance to disarm an opponent.

Vanilla perks with added ranks:
Overdraw: Two additional ranks, the last of which is epic class and triples your damage.
Eagle Eye: Two additional ranks
Hunters Discipline: Two additional ranks
Power Shot: One additional rank
Quickshot: Two additional ranks.
Critical shot: One additional epic class rank that trades off 100% of critical hits with half bow speed.

I've added an additional 15 perks, bringing Speech's total to 28.
Moved some vanilla perks around.

New Perks:
Classy Buyer: 10% discount on buying if wearing rich clothes.
Patron: 10% better prices at Inns.
Trained Voice (5 ranks): Reduces time between shouts, has epic rank perk, too.

Added ranks:
Haggling: 2 additional ranks, including an epic class rank that betters prices by 50%.
Intimidation: 2 additional ranks, however the first two give lower bonuses than vanilla.
Persuasion: 1 additional rank.
Allure: 1 additional rank.

Will not be compatible with any other perk mod. However, if you wish to use a different perk mod for a specific skill tree that I have yet to expand, just place that mod below ccPerkOverhaul_SkillSpecialization.esp and you'll only be missing my major perk for that tree.

Use 7zip, unzip contents into your data folder, including the script! It should be in Data/Scripts or else this mod will not work. Also be sure to keep a backup save.

I'd recommend placing them at the bottom of your load order... it should look like this as well
ccPerkOverhaul_SkillSpecialization.esp (optional)
ccPerkOverhaul_[Skill Name].esp

The individual skill files can be in any order as long as they come after ccPerkOverhaul and the optional Skill Specialization.

You will likely lose any perk points spent on any new perks added by this mod, but should keep the vanilla ones just fine. You have been warned!

- Created and added the required master file ccPerkOverhaul to centralize recurrent entries.
- Expanded the Speech skill tree.

- First release
- Only expanded the archery skill tree.

Expand the remaining skill trees! Of course.