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Mighty Magick: Skyrim
Author: Damar Stiehl
Version: 3.16
For Patch Notes, please see the Article section. SKSE is Required.
Recommended Companion Mod: Disenchantment Font. Enchanting is no longer a one-way street!


It does not matter if magic is born in light or in darkness.
Magic is alive. Its place changes over time and grows along with us.
Magic is anything you can think of. It can be felt in infinite ways.
As light, as darkness, as red or as blue.
Magic... is freedom.

Mighty Magick is a TES magic system mod that started as a purely personal creation in the halcyon days of Morrowind. During the Oblivion era, it was among the most popular magic mods despite its flaws. Skyrim takes a much different (and admittedly simplified) approach to magic than its predecessors. While it is not terminally flawed, it is missing some of the beloved old tools that we used in previous TES games.

Given the number of magic mods for Skyrim, you may be wondering if Mighty Magick is right for you. Below are the main design principles of this mod. If you like them, then Mighty Magick Skyrim is for you!

1. Modularity. While the Scaling module is pretty much mandatory at this point, everything else isn't. Play with as much or as little as you want!

2. Authenticity. Changes that MMSk introduces are designed to feel like a part of the TESverse. There are no ridiculous or outlandish effects, no Super Sayans or B52s that pop out to carpet-bomb your enemies. If you are an old TES player, you'll recognize most of them; if you are new, you don't have to worry about the mod "breaking character" of the Elder Scrolls.

3. Usefulness and usability. Magic is a powerful tool, not window dressing. Every spell in your spellbook should produce tangible and important impact upon your game. Spells that produce effects like "1% chance of 10% extra damage vs. white skeevers only during full moon" are a waste of money and spellbook space. A spell should also not be so difficult or produce such inconvenient results to use that it becomes useless. A good example of that would be the vanilla Detect Life spell. Because it is a concentration-type spell, it is next to useless; wouldn't it be better if it was fire-and-forget so you could just give yourself "spider sense" for a while? MMSk fixes this and similar issues with vanilla spells.

4. Evolution, not obsolescence. Having multiple different spells that do exactly the same thing is no fun. It's also no fun when a spell that you bought and paid for becomes obsolete as your skill grows, and just sits there cluttering your spell list. MMSk is designed so that most (though not all) spells are useful the moment you acquire them, and continue to be useful as you level up and improve your skills. In some cases obsolescence cannot be avoided, because you'd end up with overwhelmingly overpowered and undercosted spells; but even in these situations, you will never have more than a couple obsolete spells when you hit Master level.

5. Balance. Useful and powerful does not mean godmode, because godmode ruins the experience just as quickly as being underpowered. There are aspects of vanilla magic system that are subpar or nearly worthless, and then there are some that are stupidly overpowered (like the stagger mechanic, or the Transmute spell). I attempted to reign in some of the more "cheaty" aspects of magic in Skyrim (but rest assured, nothing has been "nerfed to hell", that's not my style) while buffing those that are decidedly inferior.

6. Versatility. The beauty of TES is that it has always allowed you to break the "character class" mold and forge your own path. You can certainly be a robe-wearing wizard or a classic TES battlemage, but you don't HAVE to be. Do you enjoy wearing armor and swinging heavy weapons, but would rather not lug them around? Grab the Bound Weapons and Bound Armor spells and a few perks, and summon Daedric gear on demand! Do you want to roleplay a holy paladin, who is the scourge of all things that are offensive in Stendarr's sight? Pick up School of Restoration in addition to your armor and weapon skills, and smite the undead and daedra with holy light, or become an immovable object inside your Circle of Protection. Or would you rather be an illusionist that uses your opponents' deepest fears to destroy them? The choice is yours, and MMSk gives you all the necessary tools. I took great care to ensure that multiple playstyles are equally supported and each school of magic can theoretically stand on its own.

If you like the mod, please endorse it, vote for it and consider donating.


Mighty Magick: Skyrim will conflict with any mod that does the following:

- Alter any of the playable spells
- Alters game settings responsible for Dual Casting effectiveness and cost
- Alters Novice perk in any school of magick
- Alters Fortify Enchantment and Alchemy Magic Effects

In general, it should play nice with mods that add new spells, shouts and magic effects as long as these mods are loaded after MMSk.



Copy the ESP files and the BSA files to your Skyrim\Data folder, and activate the ESPs using Skyrim launcher.


IMPORTANT: The following should be done whether you are installing the mod for the first time, or upgrading to a new version.

To be safe, before enabling or upgrading Mighty Magick, strip your character of all gear, open console and type "player.dispelallspells". Then save into a new slot. After this, enable Mighty Magick via Skyrim Launcher, load your latest save, put your gear back on and you're good to go. You don't have to "clean your save" before upgrading Mighty Magick, but your character should not be under the effects of any spells or enchantments when you upgrade, just to be safe.




Please make sure that all ESPs with "Extras" in their names are loaded after their respective main files. For example, "Mighty Magick - Alteration Extras.esp" should be loaded after "Mighty Magick - Alteration.esp".


Note: Because this readme was becoming excessively long and close to unreadable, I separated the Change Log and the more detailed spell descriptions into additional files. You can find the Spell List under the Downloads section, and the Change Log under Articles. You will also find both inside the main Mighty Magick Skyrim download. Some new spells in the "main" modules replace obsolete vanilla spells; if you'd like to know what exactly they replace, look at the corresponding school's spell list. If you already know a spell that was replaced, in most cases you will automatically receive its replacement (no need to go out and buy the spellbook again). However, if the spellbook of the replaced spell teaches two spells at once (like Bound Armor II, which also teaches Bound Helmet), you will need to buy another copy of the spellbook. When you read it, it won't disappear, so you can sell it back and recover some of the gold.

Releases 3.1 and onwards (if there are any) are largely about bug fixes. If you want to know what exactly was fixed, please see the Changelog.

1. Mighty Magick - Scaling.esp

This module re-introduces smooth spellpower scaling as your skills in each school grow. In order for your spells to scale, you must buy that school's Novice perk first - this represents your character committing to study the particular school of magick. When you buy the Novice perk in a magick school, you will see the following improvements as your skill grows:

  • Destruction: +1% damage for every 1 skill point.
  • All other Schools: +1% magnitude and +1% duration for every 1 skill point.

With Version 3.0, this module is mandatory. If you do not use it, some spells will not work right and appear very underpowered.

2. Mighty Magick - Fortify Magic School Enchantment and Alchemy Reversed.esp

This module fixes the "zero-cost spells" exploit that is possible by enchanting multiple pieces of armor with "Fortify " effect. Now, armor enchantments INCREASE THE MAGNITUDE of corresponding school's spells. Potions, on the other hand, REDUCE THE COST of corresponding school's spells. So, if you brew a powerful enough potion, you can still cast a zero-cost spell... just not all the time.

To make the difference more apparent, the enchantment effect's name (which appears under Current Active Effects in Magic menu) is now "Magnify" instead of "Fortify".

All "Fortify X" enchantments were previously labeled as members of Restoration school, causing them to benefit from Fortify Restoration potions and enchantments. This created a potential infinite loop of self-stacking. Now, all "Fortify X" enchantments are not members of ANY school of magick, and do not benefit from any effects other than Fortify Enchanting and Fortify Alchemy at creation.

3. Mighty Magick - Dual Casting.esp

This module improves the Dual Casting mechanic. Dual-casting a spell will now cost 2.1 times the Magicka, but produces an effect that is 2.5 times as strong (and carries various side effects like Impact).

4. Mighty Magick - Destruction.esp

  • Reworked Stagger perk mechanics:

  • Novice-level spells do not stagger at all (as in Vanilla)
  • Apprentice-level spells have a 25% chance to stagger a target that is under 75% health, 50% chance to stagger a target under 50% health and 95% chance to stagger a target under 25% health.
  • Adept-level spells have a 50% chance to stagger a target that is under 75% health, 75% chance to stagger a target under 50% health and always stagger a target under 25% health.
  • Expert- and Master-level spells always stagger the targets.
  • Lightning spells have a slightly higher chance to stagger the target.

  • Reworked Intense Flames perk mechanics:

  • Concentration-type spells will terrify the target when the target is below 20% health.
  • Charge-type spells (fire-and-forget) have a 25% chance to terrify the target regardless of its health.
  • Undead, dragons, automatons and daedra are immune to this effect.

  • Reworked Deep Freeze perk mechancs:

  • Concentration-type spells will freeze the target when the target is below 20% health.
  • Charge-type spells (fire-and-forget) have a 25% chance to freeze the target regardless of its health.
  • Dragons and those immune to paralysis are immune to being frozen.

  • Reworked Disintegrate perk mechanics:

  • Concentration-type spells will disintegrate the target when the target is below 15% health.
  • Charge-type spells (fire-and-forget) have a 15% chance to disintegrate the target which is under 75% of health.
  • Dragons and some specially-flagged characters cannot be disintegrated.

  • Expert-level spells Icy Spear, Incinerate and Thunderbolt removed:

  • Ice Spike will use Icy Spear's visuals when dual-cast.
  • Firebolt will use Incinerate's visuals when dual-cast.
  • Lightning Bolt will use Thunderbolt's visuals when dual-cast.

  • You can now place 2 runes at a time. Base damage of runes has been reduced slightly. Buying Rune Master perk will now allow you to place a third rune.
  • Cloak spells (including Dark Elves' Ancestors Wrath), Rune spells and Wall spells scale as your skill grows and you pick up appropriate perks.
  • Blizzard will no longer do damage to the caster as well as enemies, and is increased in strength.
  • Spells have been internally re-balanced to ensure that all three elements are viable depending what type of enemy you face.

  • Point Blank Area of Effect (PBAOE) spells have been moved from Master level to Expert level, replacing the removed single-target spells. At Skill Level 75+ you will now be able to buy and cast Fire Storm, Blizzard and a new Lightning-based PBAOE, Thunderstrike. These spells use a shortened Ritual Spell animation (they take 1 second to charge), and cannot be dual-cast.

  • At Master level, you can now purchase and cast three new spells: Inferno, Gale and Tempest:

  • Inferno is a mighty blast of flame that burns everything in its path. It lasts 3 seconds and can be retargeted, flooding a large area with fire.
  • Gale is an equally mighty, 3-second blast of cold. Like Inferno, it can be retargeted once cast to freeze a large area.
  • Tempest is a concentration-type spell that unleashes a continuous stream of lightning at your target. It is very similar to the old Lightning Storm, but has a shorter cast time and a small AoE (10 ft). Its main purpose is to burn down single hard targets, like giants and flying dragons. Unlike Inferno and Gale, Tempest can be fired continuously as long as you have Magicka.

5. Mighty Magick - Alteration.esp

  • Mage Armor has been changed to constant effect. When you buy the perk and wear no armor at all, your Armor Rating is naturally increased.
  • Armor spells have been reworked and renamed. See the spell list for details.
  • Detect Life and Detect Dead have been reworked and renamed. See the spell list for details.
  • Several new spells added, replacing obsolete spells. See the spell list for details (in the Downloads section).

6. Mighty Magick - Illusion.esp

  • Effects of "Influence" spells (Fury, Fear, Pacify, etc.) will now scale with your Illusion skill and when dual-cast.
  • Magelight, Candlelight, Paralyze and Mass Paralysis return to Illusion school! They can be purchased from both Illusion and Alteration trainers.
  • Mass Paralysis moved to Expert level. Animation has been shortened and the spell now only takes 1 second to charge.
  • Paralyze has been moved to Adept level.
  • Candlelight and Magelight produce a softer and more natural light now as opposed to harsh fluorescent glare.
  • New Master-level spell added: Medusa's Gaze. It unleashes a ghostly wave that paralyzes everything in its path for an extended period of time. This spell uses a shortened "ritual spell" animation and takes 1 second to charge.
  • Hypnotic Gaze, Rage, Aspect of Terror, Kindred Mage, Animage now provide a 25% magnitude bonus to its corresponding effect instead of a flat bonus.

7. Mighty Magick - Restoration.esp

  • Wards have been reworked and renamed. See the spell list for details.
  • Effects of Turn and Repel Undead spells will now scale with your Restoration skill and when dual-cast.
  • Turn Undead spell is a single-target spell that will cause a single undead to flee and set it on fire if dual-cast.
  • Repel Undead spell is an targeted AoE spell that makes multiple undead flee and sets them on fire if dual-cast.
  • Ritual spell cast times have been shortened to 1 second.
  • Circle of Protection will now improve your armor and health regeneration while you are inside it. Undead who enter the circle burst into flames.
  • Guardian Circle will now improve your armor and health regeneration while you are inside it. All enemies who enter the circle burst into flames, and enemies below level 20 flee in terror.
  • Multiple new spells added. See the spell list for details (in the Downloads section).

8. Mighty Magick - Conjuration.esp

  • Conjuration spells will no longer be absorbed by your own Absorb Spell effect.
  • Raise Dead family has been reworked and renamed. See the spell list for details
  • Reading low-level Conjuration spellbooks will grant you a lesser power that allows you to instantly dismiss any summoned creature that you currently have.
  • Summon Familiar pet now scales with you up to level 25. Familiar resists 25% of physical damage and is 25% vulnerable to magic, being a ghost.
  • All Atronachs and Elemental Thralls now scale farther with you all the way into level 40+. "Potent" Atronachs scale further than regular ones, and are subtly larger.
  • Soultrap spell produces a visible projectile and an aura effect on the target creature/NPC. IMPORTANT: in order to resolve a Papyrus-related issue, Mighty Magick ships with a default Soultrap script. If you are using Acquisitive Souls mod, please be sure to load it AFTER Mighty Magick, and replace Mighty Magick's Soultrap script with Acquisitive Souls' Soultrap script.
  • Atromancy perk now extends duration of all Atronachs and Summoned Dremora.
  • Summoner perk change: in addition to the vanilla effect, Rank 1 gives your daedric minions 100 more health, and Rank 2 makes them 25% resistant to hostile magic.
  • Oblivion Binding perk change: Bound weapons will banish summoned creatures and turn raised ones. Each bound armor piece provides 5% magic resistance.
  • Mystic Binding perk change: Bound weapons do more damage. Bound Armor provides more protection.
  • Multiple new spells added. See the spell list for details (in the Downloads section).

9. Mighty Magick - Alteration Extras.esp

  • Multiple new spells added. See the spell list for details (in the Downloads section).

10. Mighty Magick - Illusion Extras.esp

  • Master of the Mind perk allows you to control 2 phantasms or summoned creatures at a time. Does not stack with Twin Souls.
  • Multiple new spells added. See the spell list for details (in the Downloads section).

11. Mighty Magick - Restoration Extras.esp

  • Multiple new spells added. See the spell list for details (in the Downloads section).

12. Mighty Magick - Conjuration Extras.esp

  • Multiple new spells added. See the spell list for details (in the Downloads section).

13. Mighty Magick - Voice.esp

  • This simple module allows your Voice powers to scale as your character progresses. The scaling works as follows:
  • Shout cooldowns will be reduced as you shout more. At 200 shouts, the cooldown reduction will cap at 20%. Combine with an Amulet of Talos and a Blessing of Talos for a 60% reduction.
  • Shout magnitudes will grow as your character grows.
  • Your shouts become 1% more powerful for every 10 base Health above 100 (not affected by Fortify Health effect)
  • Your shouts become 1% more powerful for every 10 base Magicka above 100 (not affected by Fortify Magicka effect)
  • Your shouts become 1% more powerful for every 10 base Stamina above 100 (not affected by Fortify Stamina effect)
  • Your shouts become 1% more powerful for every 1 Dragon Soul you absorb
  • Your shouts become 1% more powerful for every 20 times you Shout

Unlike cooldown cap, there is no cap on possible shout magnitude increase, so sky is the limit, so help you Kyne.

In order to receive Shout magnitude increase and cooldown decrease, you must sleep every so often (if you gained anything, you will receive a message "The power of your Thu'um grows...").


Starting with MMSk 3.11, an optional Enchantments module may be downloaded from the files section. Its readme can be found in the archive, or under the Articles section. IMPORTANT: This is still in early beta and I cannot promise it will be updated regularly.

Please note that this module is OPTIONAL and represents a huge NERF to the Skyrim enchantment system. It closes major exploit loopholes and makes godlike gear practically impossible to make. Read the documentation CAREFULLY before you activate it. Do not use it if you don't like it. Do not bang on my door and ask me why I made it. I made it because I wanted to.

This module will be maintained and patched independently of the main MMSk modules. It is absolutely NOT required to play MMSk.


  • Teleport spells (Mark/Recall, Divine Intervention, Beacon of Magnus) do NOT have any safeguards on them. You can Recall out of Sovngarde if you want, but good luck getting back in without console. (Come to think of it, you could Mark in Sovngarde and visit whenever you wish again. That's got to be the pinnacle achievement for a Clever Man. AWESOME). Use common sense when casting - if you are in the middle of an event or in a place which you are only supposed to visit once, don't teleport out. I am not responsible for any issues caused by irresponsible teleporting.

  • It is quite possible to kill yourself while jumping around with the Alacrity spell (remember what happened with Tarhiel?). Just because you've managed to jump up on a house's roof doesn't mean that you won't smash your skull jumping back down. Also, if you don't pay attention to where you're going, you can very well wedge yourself in a spot that you can't get out of. Again, I'm not responsible for any broken bones.

  • If you have Rune Master perk, have Rune spells equipped in your hands, save the game, quit Skyrim, reload Skyrim and re-load the save, you will notice that you cannot place the third rune anymore. To fix that, unequip the Rune spells and then re-equip them. (I know it's a very specific sequence of events, but someone WILL ask about it sooner or later).

  • If your character dies while affected by Alacrity spell, the effect of it will not wear off and stack, persisting even through save/load. To fix the issue, follow the instructions in the "How to fix the Alacrity issue" article (also included in the 3.12 archive).


- Valamyr for plaguing me with ideas and finding bugs
- OZY9000, Aryeonos and Jwr1992 for nailing obscure bugs in 3.0
- All my early adopters and testers for trusting in MMSk and taking the plunge


Q: Where can I buy all the extra spells?
A: From various spell vendors. Obviously, Expert and Master spells are only available in Winterhold. Also, if you are lucky, you might find some new books in random loot. Beacon of Magnus is available from the Arcanaeum.

Q: How did you add the extra spells to vendors and loot lists?
A: Dynamically via scripts. No more conflicts! Thank you Bethesda for the fix.

Q: I can't see the new spellbooks in vendors' inventories.
A: Make sure that 48 in-game hours have passed since you enabled the mod and your skills are of appropriate level. Master-level spells are not available until you complete the corresponding College of Winterhold quests.

Q: Your Candlelight and Magelight changes don't seem to have any effect (the light still looks like fluorescent glare).
A: Are you using Realistic Lighting or a similar mod? Make sure that Mighty Magick - Illusion.esp is loaded AFTER that mod.

Q: Why is Tolfdir selling Candlelight, Magelight and Paralyze spell tomes? I thought they are Illusion now?
A: He must be making an extra buck or two on the side. Seriously though, removing them from his inventory is not worth the trouble and potential conflicts.

Q: I cannot get into Shalidor's Maze. I cast Magelight on the sigil, and nothing happens.
A: Use the Staff of Magelight that you collected at the beginning of the maze.

Q: Some spells look like they were nerfed a lot! Why?
A: What you are seeing is base magnitude of the spell. As your skill grows, so does the magnitude. And dual-casting produces an effect that is stronger yet. In most cases, the spell's magnitude tops out at 5 times its base magnitude when you reach skill level 100 and dual-cast the spell. And that's even before any helpful perks like Intense Flames.

Q: Why all the changes to Transmutation?
A: Because the vanilla approach was stupid. First of all, you are transmuting impure ore as opposed to (relatively) pure ingots. That runs contrary to basic "lore" of transmutation. Secondly, if the Dovahkiin, a relative nobody, can transmute iron into gold at will, every schmuck and court wizard would be doing it too; it doesn't take much to become an Adept of Alteration. Finally, the Iron-Silver-Gold transmutation is pretty specific - why can't you transmute Iron into Corundum? My system makes it necessary to invest extra funds into additional transmutation spells, and requires leveling up Alteration beyond Adept. However, it gives you a way to mass-transmute up to five ingots at once, and you can also transmute almost anything into anything once you learn all the spells.

Q: OK, fine! But why can't I transmute Steel or Dwemer Alloy?
A: Because they are just that - alloys. Everything else is a naturally occurring element, but Steel and Dwemer Alloy are man-made (or mer-made). Science and magic do not mix. And nobody really knows how Dwemer Alloy is made, either. You cannot transmute something you don't understand.

Q: The spell list says that Steadfast Ward has been replaced, but my character still has it in his spellbook!
A: Unfortunately, the vanilla Steadfast Ward is in use by many objects in the game, so replacing it would cause many problems. I renamed and repurposed the spellbook that teaches it, so a new character or a character who doesn't yet know this spell will never have a chance to learn it. But if your existing character already knows it, it will stay with you. If you really can't stand it, use the console to remove the spell.

Q: So I already know a spell, but your spell list says that the spellbook that teaches it also teaches another spell. What do I do?
A: Buy another copy of the spellbook and read it. It won't disappear, so if you're hard up for cash sell it back and recover some septims.

Q: I want to uninstall the mod. How do I do that?
A: Park your character somewhere safe, strip him naked, open console and type "player.dispelallspells". Save in a new slot, quit Skyrim, uncheck and delete the ESPs.

Q: I found a bug, what do I do?
A: Email me at the address at the beginning of the readme.

Q: That quote in the beginning..?
A: No, not mine, of course. I'll let you find out where it came from on your own.

Q: Will you upload to Steam Workshop?
A: No, and don't ask.

Q: Can I re-upload the mod to other sites or translate the mod?
A: Ask me first.

Q: Can I retool the mod and re-release it or use parts of it in my own PUBLICALLY AVAILABLE mod?
A: No, and don't ask.

Q: Can you merge all the ESPs together?
A: NO, AND DON'T ASK. Someday I may or may not merge "extras" into their corresponding main ESPs, but that is not a priority. Making a "one ESP to rule them all" is out of question.

A note about me (in case you bothered to read all this way down):
I am an old, jaded and sarcastic nerd with a dry sense of humor and a chip on my shoulder. My instructions are not perfect, but I mean what I write; if you choose not to read it, it is hardly my fault. I try very hard not to be the world's biggest bastard, but if you insist on embarrassing yourself because you can't be arsed to read what I write, I will gladly help you with that and embarrass you further. You have been warned.