Brynjolf and Vex -- Thieves Guild Followers by kryptopyr
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This mod allows Brynjolf and Vex to accompany the player as followers after the completion of the Thieves Guild questline.

Both Brynjolf and Vex have fully voiced responses using their original voice type.
While following, the player has access to the full follower options: you can have them wait, access their inventory, ask them do something, etc.

In addition (and by necessity), this mod also fixes the bug with Brynjolf's dialogue, so he will offer his correct post-quest dialogue instead of the "I'm busy" line.

I've modified their stats to make them more valuable as high-level followers with an emphasis on stealth, light armor, and one-handed combat.

I removed the hood from Brynjolf's post-quest outfit. This is just a personal preference. I found it odd that he suddenly started wearing a hood late in the quest line and preferred the way he looked without it.

A huge thank you to Faceshifter, who has done an amazing job editing the voice files for this mod. Without his work, many of these dialogue options would not have been possible.


The option to have either Vex or Brynjolf follow will occur after the player has officially become the Guild Master. Get the Guild Master's armor from Tonila then talk to one of them again.

The perks I've added affect the base actor, so Brynjolf should also be stealthier while he is following the player during the Blindsighted quest.

I removed the hood from Brynjolf's post-quest outfit. And created a custom set of Guild Master Armor for both of them. The standard enchantments don't really provide any benefit to a follower, so instead the new versions have Muffle, Fortify Light Armor, and Fortify Sneak enchantments. This is now their default outfit and isn't accessible to the player.

The Nightingale Hood Brynjolf is using in several of the photos is from the Nightingale Maskless mod by Lord Haun.

I have added the script from my Better Stealth AI mod to Brynjolf and Vex. This means that if you give one of them a torch, they will unequip it when sneaking. While sneaking, they will wait to initiate combat until either they or the player has actually been attacked.

However, you will still need to have the Better Stealth AI mod installed if you want Brynjolf to have this behavior during the quest Blindsighted. Make sure that "Brynjolf & Vex Followers" is loaded AFTER "Better Stealth AI."


I'm currently working on making Brynjolf and Vex marriable and may add Karliah as well. I'm not using the standard marriage quest but rather creating a entirely new, custom marriage route. I really want to have something more personal than the "Interested in me, are you?" dialogue.

I started a topic to discuss the marriage features. Feel free to add your own thoughts or suggestions here.