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Thieves Guild Followers allows five members of the Thieves Guild to act as followers for the player. The NPCs this mod affects are Sapphire, Rune, Vipir the Fleet, Garthar, and Ravyn Imyan. In addition to allowing these NPCs to act as followers, their stats and attributes have been adjusted slightly to make them better suited as followers for a stealthy character.

You may also choose to marry any of these Guild members.

The option to have Sapphire, Rune, and Vipir as followers will occur after the player has claimed their armor upgrade reward from Tonila after completing the quest Scoundrel's Folly. Garthar & Ravyn are willing to follow the player immediately upon their appearance in the Guild. They show up after the player has completed three city-influence quests.

I recommend using this mod along with Better Stealth AI for Followers. This is not required, but it will certainly improve their ability to be used as stealthy followers.


All five followers have been given the Lightfoot perk so they won't trigger pressure plates. They are all protected, but they are not essential. All five originally had a Morality setting of "No Crime." I changed their Morality settings to reflect the fact that they are thieves and Ravyn a former assassin. I changed Sapphire, Rune, Vipir, and Garthar to "Violence Against Enemies" and changed Ravyn Imyan to "Any Crime."

Sapphire makes a good follower for a low level stealthy character. She levels at 1.5x the player's level (this is the vanilla setting). Maximum Level = 45.
Perks: Stealth40, AgileDefender40, Armsman20, Overdraw00, Windwalker, and Lightfoot. As a Nord, she also has frost resistance & the Battle Cry power.

Vipir also levels slightly faster than the player at 1.25x the player's level. I've increased his speed to 125, and his level cap to 45.
Perks: Stealth40, AgileDefender20, Armsman20, Overdraw20, Lightfoot, Windwalker, and ExtraPockets. He also has natural frost resistance & the Nord Battle Cry power.

Rune also levels slightly faster than the player at 1.25x the player's level. Maximum level = 55.
Perks: Stealth60, AgileDefender20, Armsman40, Overdraw00, Lightfoot, and Windwalker. He has the Imperial luck ability & the Pacify power.

Garthar now has a maximum level of 55, and levels equivalent to the player's level.
Perks: Stealth40, ShieldWall40, PowerBash, Armsman40, FightingStance, Lightfoot, and Windwalker. He has also been given the Nord frost resistance & Battle Cry power.

Ravyn Imyan has a maximum level of 60, and levels equivalent to the player's level. I also changed his class to CombatAssassin to better fit his back story.
Perks: Stealth40, Backstab, DeadlyAim, AgileDefender40, Armsman20, Overdraw40, Lightfoot, Windwalker, and QuietCasting.
Spells: Ironflesh, Oakflesh, Waterbreathing, and Health, as well as giving him an additional 50 Magica. He also has the Dark Elf fire resistance & Ancestor's Wrath.

I'm still intending to make a quest to uncover Rune's past, but this may end up being released as a separate mod. I think it should also be possible to created voiced dialogue for Niruin, Cynric Endell, and Etienne Rarnis so that they may be used as followers (they already have the necessary voice files for marriage). Thrynn may be possible as well, but will likely require additional work.

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