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+++Works with Tundra Defence! A few things to note though: The Boundry Markers need to be placed a little further than the cliffs, dragon raids don't go very well (tame dragon works fine) as the enemy Dragons fly under the ground and through most statics. Everything else so far has worked for me, perimiter guards may glitch through the cliffs but they generally come back. Best placement for the boundry and well is to place the well in front of the pillars, then head out from there in North, South, East and West, placing the markers a small distance outside the cliffs, use the console command "tcl" to toggle collision if you feel the need to go past the cliffs although I would suggest against it.+++

Here is a small mod which adds a new world space to be used alongside ripvanwinkle111's Real Time Settler, the area is flat and that is simply to make creating a village with RTS much easier, it should be big enough to accommodate a decent sized settlement, I tried to avoid it being too ugly on the edges by adding trees and a waterfall with a small pond at the bottom, I suck at placing trees so sorry for the repetitiveness.

The entrance can be found looking at the map for a map marker named "Pillars of Creation", this is a reference to one of my favorite books and thought it appropriate for use with RTS.

Here is a link to RTS for Skyrim

If you want me to add anything else then don't hesitate to ask, I plan on updating this as RTS is updated so that if villagers start being able to hunt then I will add Deer/Elk/Foxes/Rabbits and the like. If anything is wrong then let me know and I will do my best to fix it.

-Added Navmesh, may not be perfect, let me know if you encounter any problems.
-Added some animals.
-Changed entrance location to a more believable one at Deep Folk Crossing.
-Added Fish to the pond
-Extended pond at the base of the waterfall to slice right through the center of the area to another pond on the opposite end.
-Removed animals as settlers would go mad and not rest until they are all dead anyway
-Textured ground with grass (non 3d) instead of dirt
-Added a few gatherable plants around the pillars for the settlers to gather from.
-PLEASE read the 1.2 update guide to restart your settlement, this is only because of the river being added and shouldn't need to be done again. 1.1 Can carry on being used as there were no bug fixes as such if you do not want the river.
-Minor fix to add music to the new world space, leave and return if you can't hear anything. The track chosen may be changed in future.
-Small changes to the trees to make them look a little better, if they still don't look right to you then feel free to do some changes and send them to me if you are good with natural flora placement.
-I have changed the navmesh so villagers no longer stand in water as far as I can see.

Future Plans:-
-Multiple 'Craters' to build settlements in, using different weather patterns (Snowy, normal, desert, etc)
-In-Skyrim locations where they are least likely to conflict with anything, taking suggestions on where these locations could be.
-Multi-tier area for more creative settlement building.

Whenever you update make sure to leave the area and save in a different area from the entrance. I would also recommend doing the following each update but specifically if updating to 1.2

-Leave the area and save
-deactivate RTS Skyrim
-Enter the game and save again
-reactivate RTS Skyrim

This will scrap anything built using RTS, if you are fine with houses being half over a river or similar happenings then you do not need to do this, I will avoid doing major landscape changes in future as much as I can.

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