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What does it do?
This single spell will transport you to various places in the world, without cluttering the spell book with lots of spells for each place.

What Type of spell is it?
Conjuration (If you want to be technical, it's a reverse-conjuration, but still, conjuration, none the less)

Where can you find it at?
Nelacar, in Winterhold
You have to find it.
Hints available with Nelacar, at the inn, over in Winterhold.

Locations it will take you to:

* 9 Main Cities

* Main Homes
Vlindrel Hall
Proudspire Manor

NOTE : You must have the key for the house, or it won't let you in.

* Settlements
Dragon Bridge
Shor's Stone

* Special
Ragged Flagon
East Empire Company
Jorrvaskr Back Door
Sky Haven Temple
High Hrothgar (at Front Door Box)


1.2 updates

Same as 1.1, but I added a stone that will add a copy to Nelacar's chest. He will sell it then, although it may take 3 hits of the stone to get him to realize he has a new spell book to sell.