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Multi-Body-Textures- Void Armor UNP

Required Mod:
Multi-Body-Textures - MBT_Base (and textures!)

Please remove prior versions of Void Armor before installing this mod!
I did not update the included readme text file!

1 file contains it all:
mod file to craft, enhance, enchant all Void Armors
optionals: body-slider UNP version available [Void-UNP replacer] (installed by default) and Void-UNP fixed size

This is the "Void armor by Hentai - Nexus Exclusive -" but with some minor tweaks.
Also included in this mod is "[url=""Void armor by Hentai-CBBE3- conversion By Nausicaa[/url]".

It allows using any default body mod but when wearing the Void armor, uses the UNP body mod; this means multi-body meshes and textures in use at once!

In my pictures: CBBEv3 is my default body mesh+texture, Brelyna Maryon is using this with the Very Sexy Ebony Armor with my own tweak to remove the malformed-clipping-thong.

My own body (great fugly face) is featuring the current Void Armor with UNP locked and loaded - notice the picture without the gauntlets the texture mis-matches!

The green face image displays the Void Armor Cold Shoulder with UNP Pantyhose; I used Extended Slider Colors to make my in-game skin tint color green (for testing) - as blatanly obvious the Void Armor does not inherit the skin-tint.

Void armor by Hentai:
Void Armor Cold Shoulder Version for UNP:
DIMONIZED UNP female body:
Calientes Female Body Mod Big Bottom Edition (CBBE):
CHSBHC - BBP - Nude and Jiggly Mod:
Very Sexy Ebony Armour:
Glossy-Gloss Skin for all female character:
Kaw Claws-Colored Long Nails:
UNP Pantyhose:
Extended Slider Colors:
Void armor by Hentai-CBBE3- conversion By Nausicaa:

Default Installed Options (the DATA folder):
-Void Armor with working Slider

You should know where the DATA folder goes, if not it is time to learn:
-try right-clicking your Skyrim Launcher, going to Properties, and clicking the big button labeled "Open File Location"

optionals Install:
Included optionals are:
"fixed" this disables the slider version of the Void Armor
"slider" this enables the slider version of the Void Armor [default]

Customizing your UNP textures for use with this install:
The UNP folder is located: *\DATA\textures\UNP\actors\character\female\
Drop in your UNP body texture mods here, of course replace when it asks; the replaced items will typically be: "femalebody_1_*"
- the * character means any arrangment of text, it is the wildcard character!

GlossTech Glossy-Gloss Skin:
You do not need to worry about copying the "*" file to the UNP folder, it references the default female body root folder, this will be optional later.

remove the following items:

Advanced Users:
Skin tinting can be done by opening the nif in NifSkope and expanding Block #6 and adjusting the tint at the bottom: "Skin Tint Color"

Customizing your character's skin tint will not be inherited by the Void Armor's body skin; this means you can have a bright green face, hands and feet with a normal colored body.

Technical Description:
I've edited the nif's from referencing the default body mod texture to a new location, *\textures\UNP\*

Then I edited the SkyrimShaterPropertyFlags (and maybe got lucky?) such that the body skin texture is used from the Void Armor nif, not inherited from the default body texture location.

-The flags edited:
I was using an older nif.xml which did not have all the names, I remmeber toggling 'SLSF1_21' in Block #6 (BODY S -> BSLightingShaterProperty)

Then I toggled the Shader Flags 2 to enable Rim and Back lighting, from what I've read these are synonymous, maybe somebody can elighten me some knowledge on the exact differences between these two - from my tests it did not harm or enhance the body so I left it enabled.

-Flags edited Update: the flag removed from Shader Flags 1: "SLSF1_FaceGen_RGB_Tint"

The bug (mentioned above):
I have toggled all the flags on and off, testing each one with no luck to fix the bug [does anybody know how to load a nif and/or texture and re-load it in the game without quitting and relaunching!?]
I have not toggled combinations between Shader Flags 1 and 2 but I have noticed "SLSF1_21" and "SLSF2_21" when both enabled, inherit the body tint color and the default body texture. Disabling "SLSF2_21" disables inheriting the tint color, and disabling "SLSF1_21" disables inheriting the default body texture - go figure!

I will have the proper shader names eventually, as for now, I just want to rock on and game out.

More Theory:
It should be possible, using the method of custom body texture folders to allow multiple skin maps for various armors meaning everybody in the game could look different!
I have not looked into creating ESP files yet but if/when I do I might have to weigh the difficulty of this and let somebody else attempt it.
In order for this to work, the body moders might consider not using replacer texture files but instead creating their own subfolder in the "textures" folder, for example

Here is to the original authors of the Void Amor, UNP mod, CBBE mod, Very Sexy Ebony Armor,, and the hundreds of mods I've tried.. the list goes on and on and on!! - Thanks for your time!

I may be the one who decided to use a custom folder to allow multiple body mods in game, but you all better give some props to Cicattrix for motivating me to post this for all. I hope everybody learns from this.

"is not about credit, but about sharing the joy" - Cicattrix