SkyTEST - Harder Creatures by EtaYorius
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Added: 09/03/2012 - 05:14AM
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Dear Nexus Moderators, if i am somehow breaking a rule, please give me a warning or send me a PM instead of just instant ban, i am always willing to correct humbly any wrong doing.

Many thanks to everyone who has Endorsed or otherwise expressed their appreciation for this mod, thanks to all of you!!


This rather simple mod is intended for people who feel the Creatures are too Wimpy, what it does is alter Creature Races Size, Health and Tweak AI to give them a Tougher Feel:


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You know the damn drill. what? oh well i guess this is a must... unrar the file and place it inside Data folder which is located inside main Skyrim folder.


Damn it if you know how to install the mod you surely know how to uninstall it... right? oh well... just delete the damn file which should be located...
where you ask? inside Data folder!

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Add Ai Packages to all Creatures.