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Essential horses for Skyrim
Version 3

By JPro6.


This mod makes horses essential so they cannot die. When they reach zero health they just stand still for about 20 seconds before returning to normal. You cannot ride them during this phase.

It is now possible to make only your horse essential, rather than all horses. Just use the ESP file for the city where you bought your horse. E.g. if you bought it in Whiterun, use the file "Essential Whiterun horses.esp". This makes only saddled horses from Whiterun essential, and since the saddled one is the one you have bought, this will mean that ONLY your horse is essential.

If you are not sure where you bought your horse, you can tell by its colour -

Brown horses are from Windhelm
Black horses are from Whiterun
Black and White horses are from Markarth
Grey horses are from Riften
Palomino (light brown) horses are from Solitude

You can also individually make Shadowmore, Frost and Karinda essential by using the appropriate ESP files.

If you want to make all stabled horses in the game essential, plus Shadowmere, Frost and Karinda, use the ESP file for "all horses".


Copy the ESP file (or files) you wish to use to your Skyrim\Data folder and enable them in the Data Files section of the Skryim launcher.


Thank you to the people who wrote the wiki pages about mod files and the people who made the following softare: Skyrim Viewer, TESSnip and FO3Edit


Version 3

Made separate files for horses from each city, and for Shadowmere, Frost and Karinda.

Version 2

Fixed the bug which made horses names show incorrectly in-game.
Removed some NPC entries which I think were redundant.
Added another horse.

Version 1.1

Added Shadowmere as essential.

Version 1

Initial release.