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for DALLs - Nord_Steel



Nord_Steel is arms n armor custom re-texturing (n not simple -in part - recolor) mod which changes how game Steel weapons and Steel armors look.

All Nordic (Steel) Armors n Arms (re-textures) are now included and present for immediate use - so if in rush to kit your discerning warrior appropriately - look no further. ;) But as Skyrim is populated (mostly) by Nords which admire classical steel above all other fancy metals - expect to see them (these fine arms n armors) worn / used quite often throughout game.

To install you need to navigate to your Steam/SteamApps/common/skyrim - game folder and paste / drag n drop in it my Data (mod) folder. Allow overwrite!

If you don't like this new look, simply delete / remove my (check for names my mod) loose texture files from Data/textures/armor/steel and Data/textures/weapons/steel after that original look will be restored to your game.

Bugs/conflicts: none known - but take care not to overwrite them by accident!

Note on v1.0: *in this version you are getting full (Nord version) steel armor and all steel two-hand weapons (greataxe, greatsword and war hammer). Heavy steel (horned) helmet is in it as well but as all steel helmets in game seem to have model-level (alpha transparency) problem at present time that one - probably - will be of small use to you.

Note on v1.1: In this version new / improved (steel) greatsword, waraxe, longsword with scabbard, dagger and steel (hunting) bow with steel arrows quiver were added. All metal weapons now "shine" better and are closely matched finish-wise.

Note on v1.2: Last two relevant steel-ware items - Nord shield n mace - are finished and duly added. This last item lot finishes first - basic Nord steel tier. In second one, expect re-make of two full (distinguished Nord warrior - Clan Chieftain) armor sets - namely (Skyforge) Companion's Wolf Armor and Nord (steel) Plate Armor.

Note on v1.3: First, of two Nord "Chieftain / Hero" steel armors - Nord Plate Armor - has been added. Second one - Companions (Skyforge Armor) Wolf set - is still in works but as small foretaste of it - new / improved Wolf helmet is included here as well.

Note on v1.4: Finally, last of steel armors - Companions Wolf armor - is finished and included. This one finishes Nord_Steel mod and its item repertoire.

Note on v1.5: Previously missing (Steel) Light Helmet finally added to lot. Some (metal parts) shine improvements.

Note on Improved_Light_Steel_Helmet: New HD version. Install last!

Free to use but if any files included (therein) are to be used for modding ask me for permission!


Thanks to Bethesda for really great game.

*Note on posted (mod) pictures: Item and other game textures (in-game model skins) created by me are quite unique - being technically / artistically innovative and of highest (technically possible) quality - read much higher then usual (simpler) in-part model re-colours or original game textures - and as such they are beyond anything, (allowed) web pictures - especially (very) dark ones - can represent with any fidelity as they are too small (in size) to do that properly - so be kind and refrain from "wise" comments and "how to fix (badly done) pictures" advices. These "knowledgeable" comments serve no real (community) purpose and are quite meaningless to me.

If you don't like them (taste-wise or for being lightened n edited to show - mod important - details) or you don't know how to meaningfully read or interpret them - there is nothing more I can do about it as I have already done my best - but if serious mod connoisseur and still interested in seeing them as you desire - do it yourself by lowering your (monitor) screen brightness to match your preferred (low-key / deep immersion) in-game GAMMA (video settings).

Freely offered game mods (n their on-web presentations) deserve (at least) that much of your willing cooperation n goodwill.