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Automatic Item Storage


This mod adds new containers to every buyable house in skyrim that, when activated, allow the player to quickly and easily store their ingredients, food, smithing supplies, soul gems, books and jewelry in a few simple clicks. Its purpose is your make your life easier so you can go back to slaying dragons, chilling in hot springs, and riding your epic stallion to victory without being slowed down by cumbersome storage.

More Specifically

What this mod does:

    • Adds two new special storage cupboards to each of the five buyable homes that automatically store your items for you.
    • Adds one special enchanting knapsack that stores your soul gems next to each enchanting table in all the houses. In Breezehome it's placed in the alchemy room instead.
    • Adds my storage script to the "player house chests". These are the default chests that are already in the homes. Each home has one, except Breezehome which has two of them.

    Combine this with my other mod Alchemy Ingredient Storage and you'll have all the convenient storage you'll ever need.


    This mod comes in four different versions:
    • Full Version: Includes everything listed above.
    • New Containers Only Version: The two storage cupboards and the enchanting knapsack in each home are included in this version, but the player home chests will not have my storage script on them.
    • Vanilla Version: This version doesn't add any new containers to the player homes. Only the player house chests will store your items for you. Any house mods that use the player house chest should be compatible with this version.
    • Enchanter Version: This version doesn't add the storage cupboards to the houses, but it does include the enchanting knapsacks next to each enchanting table. The player house chests will work in this version as well.


    There's only one notable issue at the moment. Player enchanted jewelry is automatically stored when you select store jewelry. This is because even though you enchanted, say, a gold emerald ring with fortify health, the game still considers it a gold emerald ring and so it's stored. It's a harmless issue, but kind of annoying. So keep this in mind when storing jewelry.

    Another small issue is if the first save you load after you install this mod is located inside one of the player homes, you may notice that the player house chests don't seem to be functioning with my storage script. To fix this all you have to do is leave the house and re enter. This shouldn't re occur.


    Any mod that remodels any of the five buyable player homes might conflict with this mod, so be wary of this when using such mods. The vanilla version of this mod, however, shouldn't conflict with any mods, but if the player house chests are deleted this mod will obviously not work. I'll be trying to partner up with other mod makers to have them include this mod with their homes. If you have a house mod and you'd like have this mod included with it--especially if it's an original home--message me and we'll work it out.

    • Version 1.0: Initial release.
    • Version 1.1: Book storage is now included with this mod. It's not perfect and it won't store all of your books, but it should help clear out the clutter still. Basically, any books or notes that are connected with quests shouldn't be stored.
    • -There should no longer be any issue with uninstalling my mod after you've saved, so go forth and use my mod without fear.
      -Food should now be stored more accurately, the cooking ingredients should now be correct.
      -Dwemer artifacts will now be considered ore and included in the crafting storage.
    • Version 1.2: I created an installer to make it easier for people. All four versions are now included in the same file.
    • -I added hides to the list of pelts so they should now be stored properly.
      -Fixed an issue with scrolls not being stored.
    • Version 1.21: I fixed the ingredient storage, so it should work again. The script was also updated to be more efficient and make it easier to implement into other mods.

    I'm sure there are probably items I forgot to add or issues I overlooked. If you have any questions, suggestions, or problems--let me know so I can fix and improve it.

    Supporting Mods

    These are mods that have Automatic Item Storage scripts integrated in them:

    • Install with Nexus Mod Manager: I highly recommend you install this mod using NMM, it will make your life that much easier. There are two ways to go about it.

        1. Easiest method: Just hit the "Download with Manager" button and the mod will be downloaded automatically and added to your mod list. Click the "activate" button and my installer will take you through the rest.
        2. Download the file from the "files" section. Open NMM and select "add Mod from file" and choose the zipped file. Hit activate.
    • Manual Install: If you really hate the NMM you can install manually. Just unpack the archive, go into the data folder and find the version of the mod you want. Move the .esp and .bsa files in the skyrim/data directory.

The shadows can be pretty gnarly on the cupboards, especially in Breezehome, so I suggest using Shadow Striping Fix. It works well.

You know what's fun? Endorsing is fun. You know you wanna.

Version 1.21