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Several spells that summon burning rocks from the sky. Rain destruction on your foes by showering them with explosive blasts or disintegrating them in a massive impact blast.

Meteor shower: A low-Magicka spell that drops meteors on the target area. This spell drains 10 magicka per meteor, up to a maximum of 8. 1-handed.

Meteor rain: A low-Magicka spell that drops a number of meteors on the target area. This spell drains 10 magicka per meteor, up to a maximum of 20. 1-handed.

Meteor storm: DESTRUCTION RAINS FROM THE HEAVENS. Many, many meteors fall very rapidly over a wide area. This spell drains 10 magicka per meteor, up to a maximum of 100. 2-handed.

Summon Meteor: Drops a single, enormous meteor on the target area, vaporizing anyone unlucky enough to be standing under it and scattering everyone else to the four winds. The rock falls almost instantly and has a huge blast radius; don't be anywhere near it. 2-handed.

Find the spell tomes on Farengar's desk.

This spell can and WILL kill you. Cast it at a distance. It will not work indoors.

This IS compatible with the Twins Souls perk and Conjuration Madness mod. Multiple Meteor Storms will simply drain your Magicka faster. Thanks to headache_07 for asking!

Summoning/Magic Absorption bug now FIXED, thanks to Nanayo for the info!

Known bugs:
* If your computer is near the bottom end of Skyrim's hardware requirements, these spells are glitchy and will take a long time to finish casting. They rely on fast script processing, so I'm not sure this can really be "fixed". Shouldn't be a problem if you can run with Medium settings or higher.

Technical details:
* Meteor Shower/Rain/Storm alternate between the Fireball and FireboltStorm spells. Each deals about the damage you'd expect from a Fireball spell. FireboltStorm spawns small rocks and has a knockback blast radius of 30.
* Summon Meteor deals 500 damage w/disintegration to an area of 30, then deals Firestorm-like damage to everything up to 150 units away. About eight direct hits from this will kill an Elder Dragon in Master difficulty, though it's pretty hard to actually hit them directly with it.
* These spells do not apply the Intense Flames perk. Well, actually they do, but since this spell works using a remote actor, they're afraid of it instead of the player, and it's too far away to run from.